10 YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Before You Travel

Apr 18, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Julie Ritz

We know that our Official CAPA Vloggers produce great videos full of everything from practical advice to stunning scenery. Although they only get to make videos of their journeys for a semester, there are some people who spend their lives recording their travels and sharing them with the world.

Most of these professional vloggers get their start on YouTube, a popular video hosting website that you may be familiar with. Here are our top 10 picks for which YouTube to channels to subscribe to before you travel:

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1. FUNFORLOUIS. Louis Cole is a British filmmaker who vlogs about his travels daily. He started out as a food blogger, but realized what he really liked was the positive message of his travel videos. He is one of the founders of The Solvey Project that goes around the world to find people who want to solve problems in their home countries.

2. DEVINSUPERTRAMP. Devin Graham is a vlogger whose videos all have some sort of thrilling component to them. He captures his travels through doing extreme sports or physical challenges in various cities and countries. If adventure is what you’re looking for, this is the channel to follow.

3. HEY NADINE. Hailing from British Columbia, Nadine Sykora is a vlogger who shares her view of the world in her videos. She’s spoken on expert business panels, been a keynote speaker for the Women in Travel Summit, and was even invited to the Whitehouse for the Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship.

4. EXPLORING ALTERNATIVES. Mat and Danielle are two vloggers who describe themselves as “a couple of minimalist nomads who are exploring long-term travel and road-tripping in their camper van”. They travel to meet people living in tiny homes, sustainable housing, and other alternative types of homes, all committed to seeing the world while helping it thrive.

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5. MIGRATIONOLOGY. For food lovers- this is THE guy to follow. Mark Wiens travels solely for his love of food, always in search of the next most delicious dish. Mark aspires to provide his readers with authentic food and restaurant recommendations, and believes that food is something we all have in common that brings us together.

6. MR. BEN BROWN. A former athlete, Ben Brown now captures the world through a lens in his films and photography. His daily videos, great eye for capturing pictures, and occasional blogs come together to show a unique perspective on travel that makes you feel like you’re along on the ride.

7. HOPSCOTCH THE GLOBE. Kristen Sarah has lived and worked in Paraguay, Ghana, India, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Belize, Hawaii and other states of America. As she says, “This website is your one stop shop for travel tips and advice, destination guides, beauty and fashion, food adventures, DIYs, bizarre travel, reviews and much more!”

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8. PSYCHO TRAVELLER. Originally from Birmingham, England, Aly has been traveling the world for over 3 years. She uploads videos weekly of her travels, focusing on the people she encounters, the foods she eats, and the realities of constantly being on the move.

9. GRRRL TRAVELER. Christine Ka’aloa, otherwise known as GRRRL TRAVELER, was living and working in New York as an actress and reality TV camera operator and producer. She left that life behind to teach English in South Korea, embarking on a backpacking trip after she finished. She shares tips on how to solo travel and deal with things when they go awry.

10. ALEX CHACON.  Alex is, “a University of Texas Graduate and medical student who sold all his belongings after graduating college to travel around the world on a motorcycle across 200,000+ Km, 50+ Countries, 80+ borders and 5 continents to work directly with and raise awareness for charitable causes.” He is also known as having taken the most epic selfie of 2014, so check out his channel to see what made it so cool!

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