10 Awesome Places to Instagram in Buenos Aires

Sep 15, 2015 1:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

Instagram addict? If you're studying abroad in Buenos Aires, take note; here are 10 of our favorite places to take snap away in this CAPA global city!

1. THE OBELISCO. The city's most famous monument is a must for your Instagram feed! It's an iconic meeting point in the city at the point where two large avenues intersect. It was surrounded with thousands of fans after River Plate won the Libertadors Cup and is often the center of events in the city. Capture it bright white against a vibrant blue sky, from above or in a moody black and white. It's one you'll want to get creative with for your photos to stand out against the many others.
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2. FLORALIS GENERICA. This steel and aluminum sculpture was donated to the city by its architect, Eduardo Catalano. Above a reflecting pool the flower looks incredible with sunlight bouncing off in all different directions. It's also close to a modern art gallery and has many complementing sculptures in neighboring plazas to explore. Interact with the flower in your Instagram photo, capture it shining against a brilliant blue sky or capture a passing airplane like a flytrap.
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3. LA BOCA. One of the most recognizable areas of Buenos Aires is La Boca, famous for its buildings that are painted in vibrant Crayola colors. Additionally, you will find an assortment of street artisans, cafes and tango couples dancing through the streets which provide a visual feast and plenty of Instagram inspiration. Focus on the details or the bigger picture, from the local cats against the colored bricks to the more involved street scenes. Smart phones at the ready. 
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4. EL TIGRE. A suburb close to the center city of Buenos Aires, El Tigre has many sights of its own to explore including channels of boaters and kayakers, a mate museum, markets, and even a casino. The art museum is beautifully constructed and even has its own balcony overlooking the river. Fill your Instagram feed with photos of nature, beautiful waterways and traditional mate gourds here. 
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5. PILAR. Pilar is also a close suburb where many families live and another great escape from the city where you can re-connect with nature in Reserva Natural Del Pilar. You'll also find quintas here, which are family weekend homes. Take a weekend break yourself, wander through the Plaza 12 de Octubre and snap away at everything from stray dogs trotting through the streets to donkey-led buggies!
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6. BOMBONERA. Spruce up your Instagram feed with some authentic yellow and blue when you visit Bombonera, the stadium home to the beloved Buenos Aires futbol team, Boca Juniors. During your stay in Argentina, be sure to attend a match and soak up the atmosphere in a crowd of diehard fans! From the stadium itself to the players to the fans, there are plenty of places to point your camera. 
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7. CALLE FLORIDA. Head to Calle Florida for the hustle and bustle of daily life, a pedestrianized street lined with hundreds of shop windows where you can buy practically anything. As you walk through you will hear countless strangers shouting “cambio, cambio” in efforts to exchange your dollar bills. Take some Instagram inspiration from the shoe shiners, the street artists, market vendors and architectural details. 
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8. CHORIPAN. This traditional Argentine snack can be found almost anywhere, whether it be in restaurants or street carts, it's a must-try when you're studying abroad in Buenos Aires. A simple chorizo sausage is laid onto sliced crusty bread. Be sure to coat it in chimichurri sauce for an added kick. Instagram them with a Buenos Aires landmark in the background, fresh off the grill, in the street stalls or half-eaten if you can't wait to take your first bite!
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9. STREET ART TOURS. Buenos Aires has incredible street art scattered throughout the whole city. Artists have taken much of the empty wall space for elaborate text pieces, murals, stencils and abstract pieces. There are even walking street art tours you can be a part of if you're not sure where to start. Bursts of color will make your Instagram feed pop and you'll discover some incredible talent to follow along the way as well.
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10. NIGHTLIFE. Buenos Aires is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, so join in on a great opportunity to listen to all sorts of music such as cumbia, reggaeton, electronic, house and hip-hop. You will meet many different people from around South America as well as the rest of the world. Instagram the bright lights, the DJs pumping the tunes, laughs with friends and the city lit up against the dark sky. 
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