10 Awesome Places to Instagram in Shanghai

Oct 13, 2015 1:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

Instagram addict? If you're studying abroad in Shanghai, take note; here are 10 of our favorite places to take snap away in this CAPA global city!

1. THE ORIENTAL PEARL TOWER AT NIGHT. Simply everyone who comes to Shanghai wants to go to the Bund in the evening, take a shot across the Huangpu River and gaze in awe at this name card of the economic capital. Of course a few neighbouring towers will be captured in your pictures. The neon lights at night often reflects nicely in the water too, so you can get creative with angles. Tip: Balance your phone on something sturdy to help eliminate the shake effect that can make night photos difficult to master.
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2. THE SHANGHAI TOWER. The famous Shanghai Tower is probably best seen and photographed by day. It is the tallest of "the Three Brothers" and by some margin. It is now the tallest tower in Asia and soon to open to the public. Many photos will have chronicled its development over the last couple of years. Thus there will be differing shots around, but the finished tower is the most impressive.
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3. MOONCAKES. This is a timely subject as the Mid-Autumn festival recently passed and a great tradition to celebrate this occasion is eating mooncakes with a variety of fillings. Individual inexpensive ones can be found in the shops at  20 rmb or less each and also larger boxes of them, suitable as presents on this day. While the ingredients cannot be that different, the fine boxed versions have become luxury gifts running to several hundred rmb per box. This is one for the foodies. Shoot against an uncluttered background, perhaps with some local props for a sense of place.
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4. FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES ON DISPLAY. Shanghai abounds with interesting side streets for shopping and it is quite common to see a colorful display of fruit and veg. The bright rainbow of hues makes for eye-catching Instagram material, especially if you come across local varieties you don't see back home. Capture the vendor or other shoppers in your shot for bonus points. Why not buy a few healthy bites to take home while you're at it? It's not a problem to stop and eat there and then as long as the skin can be peeled. Otherwise washing first is definitely advised. 
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5. GARBAGE COLLECTION BY BICYCLE. It is amazing how many stacks of discarded cardboard boxes, unwanted strips and planks of wood and other paraphernalia can be seen strapped together on the back of bicycles. These towers of refuse are then expertly ridden through the streets of Shanghai with rarely a wobble, let alone an accident and they make for fantastic Instagram material too. 
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6. DAMAS IN ACTION. The older generation females of China can often be seen dancing on the sidewalks in pedestrian areas around shopping malls. Head to the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street where you're likely to catch one of many shows that happen for free there. Numbers range from a few dancers to a large group, sometimes dressed in similar outfits, often very colorful. Age is no barrier; many are insta-grannies! There are other dance routines as well as people exercising that are also interesting to watch and photograph.
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7. LONDON TAXIS IN SHANGHAI. And why not? Those in-the-know will know that the famous London Taxis International (LTI) company is now owned by Shanghai's Manganese Bronze company. Although still made in Coventry for the UK market, they are also made in Shanghai. They are not the regular taxi vehicle as Shanghai Volkswagen supply those, but a few are in private use and bring a smile to the British expats living in Shanghai. Often they are in "gold leaf" or traditional London black.
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8. THE UNION JACK IN SHANGHAI. Speaking of the UK, the bright colors of the British flag often adorn objects in Shanghai. These range from scooters to the roofs of MG cars to handbags, shoes and, of course, clothing. Well, Britain once governed a settlement in Shanghai along the Bund and the British flag flew there; now this area is swamped with Chinese flags, but it is nice to see that the Union Jack has found other homes around the city. 
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9. CONSTRUCTION SITES. Much has been built in Shanghai in the past decades, but much is still to be built. It's a city in progress, always growing and changing. The rubble of demolished old houses awaiting redevelopment creates a temporary photo opportunity as past awaits future. Many of these can be found around Puxi in particular. A gap in a wall or fence makes a nice frame to an urban site before gentrification leaves its mark. You might spot some street art on run down walls of these sites too. 
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10. ART GALLERIES. Shanghai is more than just the international financial center of China. Art galleries and art districts abound. In them, all manner of fascinating art, design and fashion items can be found. They're a photographer's dream and you'll be spoilt for choice when deciding on selfies with sculptures, architectural details or an overview of the creative space. Some exhibitions are temporary so we need the camera's eye to record them for posterity. 
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