10 Benefits of Completing a Remote Global Internship this Summer

Apr 21, 2020 9:14:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

In this rapidly changing global landscape, remote work skills are becoming more important than ever. Find out how completing a remote global internship this summer can set you apart from your peers and benefit you personally and professionally.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has dramatically altered the way many companies and their employees conduct business, it has created many challenges, but also opens opportunities for more flexible work optionsand remote work skills are more critical than ever.  

CAPA has launched a new Remote Global Internship program, connecting students to our incredible internship partners around the globe for valuable virtual internship experiences.  

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Building on our 25 years of placing interns in our Global Cities, we’re able to offer hundreds of remote intern positions during summer 2020. Placements are available in a range of fields and industries including business, marketing, web design, social media, human resources, communication, and finance.  

Here are 10 benefits of completing a remote global internship this summer:  

1. Gain international work experience.  

The majority of hiring managers specifically pursue candidates with international experience. The exposure to and collaboration with working cultures across the globe can help you secure your first job after graduation.  

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From the comfort of your home, you’ll be remotely connected to an international workplace, including a direct supervisor who will guide your learning and work experience. You’ll be integrated into their local working culture, develop an understanding of the nuances of their business communications, learn about international trends in your industry that you may not have direct access to through an internship with a US company, and be able to compare and contrast the ways your colleagues in London or Sydney work, for example, to observations you make about colleagues in the United States.  

You’ll likely be working with a diverse group of professionals which will help you gain familiarity with and an appreciation of different working cultures, as well as a global mind-set that will stay with you through in your future career endeavors. 

2. Learn skills relevant to today’s rapidly changing employment landscape. 

As our living rooms and kitchen tables transform into impromptu offices desks, working from home has quickly become the new normal for many employees around the world. With the change in environment comes the need for a different skillset suited to the specific challenges of remote working. 

Competence with communications programs and technology is the most obvious skill you’ll need. But it’s not just knowing how to set up a meeting invite on Zoom. It’s also making sure you’re punctually signing in to attend, and that you understand the importance of how body language, eye contact, and other small details that help you connect with co-workers and communicate effectively in a virtual situation. You’ll also need to learn to use presentation technologies and understand how presenting to your team or supervisor virtually differs from doing so in person.  

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Beyond non-verbal communication and technology, with a remote global internship, you’ll learn more about how to create a work-life balance when working from home, setting regular productivity hours, looking after your own wellbeing, and holding yourself accountable to meet deadlines without the structure of a regular office environment. 

A remote global internship will allow you to hone these skills firsthand with your colleagues as well as connect with fellow CAPA interns who are also working virtually with companies across the globe. 

Ultimately, you’ll prove your adaptability and flexibility, gain knowledge and confidence, and increase your employability. 

3. Become part of a global community.

We live in an increasingly global and interconnected worldand employers are looking for fresh ways to keep businesses thriving in our current economy. They’ll be looking to recruit those who have intercultural communication skills to build and navigate a complicated web of global networks and who have adaptability to thrive in ever-changing business contexts. 

Participating in a remote global internship will widen your own network and encourage you to grow and nurture your own global perspective. You’ll become part of a community of international coworkers and fellow CAPA interns, develop a greater understanding and appreciation of another culture and their distinct working practices, find inspiration and new ideas through connections that span the globe, and build relationships that may one day help you in your future career.   

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4. Add to your e-portfolio. 

As you complete your internship experience, this summer is also an excellent time to be compiling an e-portfolio and fine-tuning your professional presence online, including building an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. 

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If you’re interning as a Computer & Graphic Design Assistant, a Website Design Intern, or Games Design Intern you will be able to take a straightforward visual approach, but an e-portfolio can be applicable to any industry. In Health Researcher and Blogger positions, you’ll have research and writing samples to include and share with hiring managers, for example, and the same will be true for a Journalism Intern, PR Assistant, Digital Content Intern, and others. For each and every industry, there’s a way to showcase the work, thought-processes, ideas, and successes that you’re proud of to date. 

If you’re taking remote classes alongside your internship, you can also use coursework from these to include in an e-portfolio. With their international twist, these examples of your work and skillset in use will certainly help catch the eyes of future employers. 

5. Prepare for the future and earn academic credit through the Global Internship Course.

The virtual Global Internship Course is a required complementary academic class you’ll attend weekly when you participate in a remote global internship for creditYou will earn 3 academic credits.   

You’ll create a learning agreement to be shared with and signed off by your internship site supervisor, prepare a resume and cover letter, learn interview skills, identify the skills you’re learning from your internship experience, have writing assignments to help you analyze and reflect on your remote internship experience, complete a poster presentation, and participate in a mock job or graduate school interview. You’ll also take part in a series of useful and inspirational Masterclasses conducted by industry professionals.  

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The Global Internship Course links your remote internship experience with current and historical aspects of different work cultures in CAPA locations which allows you to compare these to the US and other online workplaces and cultures. It aims to help you build your analytical and critical thinking skills, demonstrate a deeper understanding of your internship hosts cultureand focus on your own personal and professional development. It will teach you how articulate the experience you are gaining while simultaneously educating you on best practices of an international remote work situation.  

6. Have additional flexibility.

We can all agree that Summer 2020 plans are up in the air right now. The great thing about completing a remote internship is that you can sign on to gain global experience without tying yourself to one location for the summer. As long as you have a laptop, webcam, and stable wifi connection – you can bring your internship with you wherever you go.   

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7. Focus on meaningful work. 

CAPA’s remote global internship experience offers students meaningful, project-oriented work. You’ll gain practical experience and spend time on tasks that make real contributions to the productivity of the business. This could include data analytics, problem solving, writing content, and other creative work that requires you to use your skills and build your expertise.  

CAPA’s internship team will match you with the most appropriate remote internship host, so that the experience you gain will be within your industry and directly related to your anticipated career path, skills, and interests.  

8. Cut out the hassle of commuting or relocating. 

One of the obvious advantages of a remote internship is that you completely cut out your daily commute. If you’re interning abroad in a global city, it’s often normal to commute up to an hour or more each way. Working from home means those extra hours are your own.  

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While it’s easy to be tempted to stay in your pajamas if you don’t have any meetings scheduled, we’d highly recommend getting dressed and ready in the morning as if you were planning to leave the house. You’ll feel, and be, more productive. Have a designated working space set up with a comfortable chair and everything you will need for the day, but also take advantage of the freedom to change scenery and work from other areas of your home, take breaks to stretch or drink a glass of water between tasks, and make a healthy lunch that you eat somewhere away from your work and beyond your desk. 

9. Define and shape your career goals. 

A remote global internship is an ideal opportunity to get a taste of what a career in your chosen industry might look and feel like. You’ll get to do the work and ask your supervisor or colleagues questions about their personal experiences.  

Some CAPA alumni have had their career goals and trajectory drastically shaped by an  internship. Others have found that as they absorb the unfamiliar world, people, ideas, and opinions they’re encountering, it shapes the way they define their own identity.  

10. Stand out. 

The inclusion of a remote global internship experience will certainly stand out as an impressive addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile 

It will illustrate that you value—and have cultivated—an international perspective within your industry, developed the ability to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries, and have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the technology that allows us to successfully work remotely. 

Your remote global internship will be a conversation starter in interviews. You’ll be able to draw on the key skills you practiced and tips you gathered in the Global Internship Course to share specific anecdotes with hiring managers. You’ll also know exactly how best to communicate the depth of your experience while directly relating it to your employability with the specific company considering you.  

In our ever-changing working world, international experience is more important than ever, and a remote global internship can be one of the best ways to make this summer an impactful one that will benefit you in your career path for years to come. 

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