10 Reasons We Love Sydney: A Visiting Faculty Perspective

Apr 14, 2015 9:30:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Words by CAPA Sydney visiting University of Pittsburgh faculty Ralph Bangs and partner Marian Kennedy.

In January 2015, we arrived in Sydney along with students from the University of Pittsburgh and other universities for the international education program managed by CAPA. This was our first visit to Australia. We love living here so much that we want to come back as often as we can.

Photo: Ralph Bangs

We wanted to share our top 10 favorite things with you so you can enjoy them too if you study abroad in Sydney:

1. THE VIEWS. Sydney is one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world. The Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, skyline, sailboats, ferries, etc. all make for breathtaking views.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Sydney_Spring2015_From_Visiting_Faculty_Ralph_BangsPhoto: Views of Sydney from Ralph Bangs

2. THE PEOPLE. The people are friendly and funny. There is also much diversity in the population, with many people from Asia, Europe and other cultures.

Photo: CAPA internship site First Unity

3. THE WEATHER. The weather is wonderful, usually sunny and warm. The trees, water, and buildings are lit up by the bright sun, with the blue sky in the background.

Photo: Harbour Bridge and Opera House from Ralph Bangs

4. THE OUTDOOR SPACES. The botanical gardens and parks right in the city greatly add to the beauty and relaxed lifestyle.

Sydney Botanical GardensPhoto: Sydney Botanical Gardens by David Rogers-Worrall

5. THE BEACHES. The gorgeous beaches in and just outside the city, the swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and cliffside and shoreline walking are unforgettable experiences.

Photo: The beach by CAPA alumna Jackie Keville

6. THE FOOD. The food, coffee, gelato, and chocolate are off the charts.

BreakfastPhoto: Breakfast in Sydney byKatrin Huth

7. THE CULTURE. The cultural activities throughout the city, including performances at the five theaters in the Opera House, provide all the artistic opportunities one would want.

Photo: An art show in Surrey Hills by Kiran Bahra

8. THE NATURE. The Blue Mountains, just two hours away by train, offer amazing views and hiking.

 Marian at the Three Sisters

9. THE WEEKEND TRIPS. The Great Barrier Reef, a short flight away, has more types of tropical fish, coral, and other sea life than one can imagine.

Photo: CAPA student Qing Yu in Cairns

10. THE WILDLIFE. The birds, bats, koala, kangaroo, emu and other wildlife.

Photo: CAPA student Ciara Johnson

Other destinations, such as the Outback and New Zealand, are close enough to travel to while you're studying abroad in Sydney too. We hope to get to these on our next trip!

Thanks Ralph and Marian!

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