10 Resources for Foodies: Sydney Edition

May 31, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz

Whether you're studying abroad in Sydney now, heading there soon and making your bucket list or just back in the United States and reminiscing about the food in Australia, here are 10 resources you'll appreciate.

10 Resources for Foodies: Sydney Edition

1. INSTAGRAM. If you are what you eat, then you might want to be some of the things pictured below. Many have said that Australia is the new foodie capital of the world, which is evident if you follow any of these Instagram accounts. Their feeds include incredible pictures showcasing all types of cuisines found in Sydney. For those who agree with the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", check out @breakfastinsydney. If you're health-conscious or want to stay fit, check out @cocohealth. For any die-hard sweet fans, @chocolatesuze's pictures will have your mouth watering. No matter who you choose to follow, each Instagrammer's unique photos will keep you hungry throughout the day!


2. I'M STILL HUNGRY. Michael Shen says that he is, "24 years old – desk jockey by day, food monger at night. Kidding. I’m a food monger 24/7. Anything else I do is a front." For those who go to sleep dreaming of pavlovas and wake up thinking of the best eggs benedict they can find, this blog is for you. Michael started I'm Still Hungry in 2012 to combine his love of photography and food. He perfectly captures the look and feel of the his meals with his stunning pictures and describes the flavors with such detail that you will almost be able to taste them yourself.


3. SYDNEY COOKING SCHOOL. Australia's food scene has changed drastically due to its close proximity to Asia and an influx of immigrants from Korea, India and maybe other countries over the past few years. That makes one wonder: what exactly is "Australian" food? Australia's native population has dwindled since explorers set foot there, which also led to a loss of native culture and fare. Modern Australian cuisine is more influenced by outside countries than its own resources; however many indigenous plants and animals like Kangaroo, finger limes, and macadamias are still regularly consumed. Though Sydney Cooking School will teach you how to make modern global dishes, you're sure to be learning from people who know their stuff due to Sydney's rank as a global city.


4. SYDNEY FOOD TRUCKS. In the past few years, dining al fresco has gotten a makeover. It used to be that you'd sit on the patio of a fancy restaurant along a busy street, lounging under a big umbrella as you enjoyed a sunny day. With the recent trend of food trucks popping up in major cities, it's now become cheaper and easier to enjoy a great meal with friends outside. Pack a blanket and some drinks and browse through the food trucks on Sydney's Food Truck app to search for whatever kind of food it is that you're currently craving. The app will also show you what time the trucks are open and where they'll be.


5. ZOMATO, A SEARCH ENGINE FOR FOOD. Zomato is a search engine that helps you find the best restaurants, cafes and bars in Sydney. You can browse by categories like "Trending this Week" (to see which up-and-coming restaurants are the latest place to be seen), "Very Vegan" (to find a great meal with no animal products), or "Dessert Picks" (for the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth). There are numerous filters to help you hunt down exactly what you're looking for easily. You can even add a new restaurant if one of your beloved go-to faves happens to not be on the site!


6. THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN COOK BOOK. Sometimes it's hard to pick your favorite thing when it comes to food. With so many cuisines, textures, and flavors out there, how can you be expected to find the ONE thing you like the most? The Great Australian Cook Book is a book that aims to give you unlimited options from breakfast to dessert. Most of the time, you'd buy a cookbook by your favorite TV personality or blogger. So what makes this book so different? 100 chefs from all over Australia contributed to making it dynamic and unique by adding their own personal recipes.

7. TAKE OUT SERVICES. Perfect for a rainy night in watching a movie or for a nice lunch in the park with friends, there are some times when you want someone else to make your meals for you. Luckily for Sydneysiders, there are a lot of options for delivery and take-away in the city. If you want to order in, check out Deliveroo, EatNow, Delivery Hero, Menulog, or Foodora to name a few. Most of give you the option of pickup or delivery and let you know how long you'll have to wait once your food is ordered.


8. BROADSHEET. Broadsheet is an online lifestyle magazine located in Melbourne and Sydney which covers topics like food & drink, nightlife, fashion & shopping, art & design, entertainment, and other things to do. This is a great resource to fill up your calendar with all sorts of cultural activities in Sydney, but it's also especially useful when it comes to food. Us the site to look up restaurants through their search function or read articles and reviews by professionals. 


9. GOURMET SAFARIS. Gourmet Safaris was started by Maeve O’Meara in 1998 when her mother's friends asked her to take them to a Lebanese restaurant and she realized she had a gift of showing others various cuisines in Sydney. These walking tours soon developed into bus tours before becoming the safaris that travel all around Australia today. Meave also produces several TV shows and has written numerous cookbooks as she expanded her passion for the culinary world. There are three options for tours: local (Sydney and the surrounding towns), Australian (anywhere outside of Sydney), and International (everywhere from Vietnam to Greece). You're sure to find the perfect tour with you, and can rest assured you are seeing some of the most diverse restaurants in Sydney.


10. SYDNEY MARKETS & FESTIVALS. There are a few markets that happen throughout Sydney depending on the day and time of year, but some things are guaranteed: you'll find fun crafts, unique artwork, and delicious food wherever you go. The largest, Paddy's Market, has been selling food and crafts since 1834. For seafood lovers, the best market will be the Sydney Fish Market and the Carriageworks Farmer's Market for local all-natural goods. Be sure to check out special events and festivals in the city like Taste of Sydney, a four day event where Sydney's best restaurants and chefs show off their creations and the Pyrmont Festival a little later in the season.


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