10 Steps to Creating Quality Blog Content

Oct 11, 2018 2:30:00 PM / by Ryan Crotty

In today's post, Ryan lists the top 10 tips to keep in mind and put into action when it comes to creating quality blog content and documenting your journey and experience abroad.

I can’t believe how lovely my summer semester was! It’s been a true whirlwind of experiences, and I could not be more thankful! I feel so grateful that I have been able to document this experience through blogging for CAPA, so that I can look back on all the great opportunities and times I have had in this program! This blog has been extremely beneficial in my travel by keeping track of all the things I have done while in London.

The Cars of London

Today I want to share with you what I have learned while writing these segments. I will share the top 10 steps for blogging and creating awesome content while you are abroad!

1. Explore as Much as You Can

The best way to brainstorm topics is to go out on an adventure! You learn and experience so much by touring your city, and the little moments you have can lead to some great topics for extremely creative content!

2. Notice the Little Things

Taking in the Details and Atmosphere of the Place and Red Bus

Quality content not only comes from experience but also attention to detail. There are so many little moments that we tend to overlook. Pay close attention to those and add them to your writing to keep the content interesting. Little details can be as simple as a saving receipts as memories, noticing the certain colors of paint on the street, or the design of your favorite building!

3. Journal Each Day

Write it all down! If you journal following one of the activities you participated in, you are sure to have clearer stories full of unique information—making for the perfect blog post!

4. Document EVERYTHING

On My Daily Walk

Document everything you see! Even if you don’t have your journal with you can take notes on your phone or even write on a napkin.

Also: take random selfies. They are so fun to look back on and can often remind you of something you did that you may have forgotten!

5. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Blogging should be fun!! Don’t write like you are writing a research paper; let things flow and focus on being yourself!

6. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s okay to talk about new things and experiences. Be open to going out of your comfort zone in your writing!

7. Write It All Out

Walking in London

It’s okay if it doesn’t make any sense at all in the beginning. Just get your ideas out and then edit them later!

8. Live

Don’t watch Netflix. The stories are out there, and you need to experience as much as you can! Go out and LIVE—and then take note of it later on.

9. Think of What Sets Your Experience Apart

Creating quality content depends on how you talk about your experience. Think about what makes you different and run with it!

10. Enjoy the Process

My Dress, Feet, and Floor

I always fall in love with other people’s writing when it flows easily. You can tell when someone enjoyed and was passionate in what they wrote about. If you enjoy the process, your content is sure to show that you did too!

The images I included in this post contain details and photos I take each day. Whether it be a random selfie, when I felt good leaving my internship, or a picture of my feet on the tube, I always make sure to take note of the things that made this study abroad experience special to me!

I hope these steps can help you to do the same!

Thanks, Ryan!

Ryan Crotty

Ryan is an official CAPA blogger, sharing her story on CAPA World. A Graphic Design major at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, she is studying abroad in London.

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