10 Things Students Access Through the CAPA Remote Global Internship Course

Jul 21, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Cara Pizzorusso

Through CAPA's remote Global Internship Course (GIC), students will build key skills to succeed in a remote and global workplace and consider social and cultural contexts in their career paths.

The ability to work and communicate globally with people of different cultures is highly valued in the interconnected world we live in, and remote work skills are now especially in high demand as universities and organizations have made the rapid shift from in-person to remote workplaces. To effectively communicate through online channels and with people of different cultures requires soft skills that students may not necessarily have developed through traditional classroom settings. So how do students build these competencies to excel in a remote global workplace?

Students who participate in a credit-bearing remote internship with CAPA will be enrolled in the Global Internship Course (GIC), which provides space for students to unpack and analyze their international work experience and help them further develop their personal and professional competencies. Through live and recorded class sessions, students will learn about the social and cultural context of their internship placement and the host region and country through comparative global analysis. The course also provides an opportunity to discuss and analyze theories and models of work, organizational behavior, and management with a focus on a cross-cultural online context.

When interning abroad in-person, students observe and experience different work cultures, communication styles, and concepts of time. When communication is through online channels such as text, email, or Zoom calls, the cultural nuances of the internship location may be more difficult to notice, although they are still very present. During the course, students will discuss and analyze observed cultural differences between the US and their internship country to gain a better understanding of cultural nuances.

Without further ado, here are 10 things students will experience while taking the CAPA Remote Global Internship Course:

1. A Comprehensive Video Orientation

On the first day of the program, students will come together on Zoom for an intensive orientation session to help them prepare for and integrate into their online internship placements. Orientation will include training in communication tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts; presentation technologies, such as how to create narrated, professional Google Slides presentations; and other programs such as Screencast-O-Matic for synchronous and asynchronous use.

2. Collaboration Opportunities with Fellow Remote Students

Students in each class section will be from different areas of the US and are interning in cities across our Global City locations. Despite having internships in different fields based in different countries, students tend to face similar challenges when interning in another culture and can benefit greatly from sharing their experiences with their peers.

Collaboration Opportunities with Fellow Remote Students Over Zoom Calls.

Students will have the opportunity to share insights about their internship location with each other. In Professor Darren Kelly’s course based in Dublin, he invites students to read the local news or catch a video clip of the news from their internship location and share their findings with the class each week, encouraging cultural immersion and connection with other students.

3. Touchpoints with Local Staff

A designated CAPA staff member is assigned to each section of the GIC. These staff members live across CAPA’s Global City locations and have expertise in the cities as well as the internship placements. The staff members work together with the highly skilled GIC faculty members, who coach and mentor the students throughout their time on the program.

4. A Digital Library of Video Clips as a Resource

Students will have on-demand access to helpful videos on topics including how to use Canvas, a guide to working remotely, updating your LinkedIn profile, interview tips, and more!

Canvas Video Library Screenshot

5. The My Global City Calendar of Events

Students will have access to a master calendar of virtual events across the Global City locations on Canvas. There are a combination of CAPA-led and self-guided events and activities available for students to access. While students are working with global companies, it’s essential for them to build an understanding of the context of the work that’s being done in their offices. By engaging with cultural activities in their internship location, students will start to build a deeper understanding of customs and cultures. Students can incorporate My Global City events into their workday by participating on their lunch break or during downtime, and they are encouraged to arrange to attend activities with other CAPA students. Learn more about My Global City events here.

MGC Calendar

6. Masterclasses with Industry Professionals

Through Canvas, students can access a series of Masterclasses, which are 40-minute-long informal conversations held between CAPA faculty or staff members and industry professionals. These pre-recorded conversations are resources students can access throughout their semester to learn more about specific topics, including Working and Networking Globally and Gender and Diversity in the Workplace.

7. Guest Lectures from Local Professionals in Each Global City Location

In addition to Masterclass sessions, CAPA will host guest speakers from each Global City location through Zoom. Students are only required to join the call with the speaker from their internship location, though they are invited to join any additional sessions. This summer, guest speakers include journalist, author, and broadcaster John Hooper, who is currently the Italy and Vatican correspondent for The Economist. He will be leading a discussion titled, “Pandemics and Culture: What Can we Learn?” Students are encouraged to come prepared with questions.

8. A Guided Mock Interview

Toward the end of the semester, students will participate in a professional mock interview with their professor, providing students an opportunity to reflect on and articulate their internship experience and the skills they learned. They will practice and receive advice prior to the interview, and once the interview is complete, they will receive feedback to help them fine-tune their interview skills for future job or graduate school interviews.

GIC students have always participated in a professional Mock interview at the end of their course. Through our remote course, students will complete a video mock-interview through Zoom.

GIC students have always participated in a professional Mock interview at the end of their course. Through our remote course, students will complete a video mock interview through Zoom.

9. A Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Workshop

This workshop will be led by expert Ellie Doyle, Director of Talent Hub, and it will focus on competencies employers are looking for in graduates entering the workforce. Through this workshop, students will learn resume best practices, how to tailor their cover letters to specific jobs, and more!

10. A Workshop on How to Articulate your International Internship Experience

Once students have completed their remote global internship, they will need to be comfortable speaking about their experience to set themselves apart as they prepare to enter the workforce. In this interactive workshop, students will learn how to articulate their experience on a resume and in an interview. This session will include four to five CAPA staff members for a class of up to 30 students and will include small group breakout sessions, allowing for a personalized learning experience.

Through the remote Global Internship Course, students will build intercultural competence and other key skills to help them excel in a remote global workplace during their internship as well as future career or educational endeavors.

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