10 Tips to Take Better Photos

Jun 6, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Regan Charie

When you're studying abroad, taking photos is a must. You’ll want to post pictures in the present and look at them many years from now. There is a huge difference between average photos and great photos, and we’re here to help you get from the former to the latter! Whether you’re taking pictures on a smartphone or a camera, here are our top 10 tips to help you improve your photography skills.

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1. Have your camera with you everywhere

Nowadays technology is making our devices smaller and smaller so it’s very easy to keep your phone in your pocket or purse. Just in case you go somewhere unique or see something exciting, you can pull your phone out and be snapping in just a few seconds!

2. Take a few photos at a time

The more photos you take, the higher the chance that one will be pure gold. You don’t have to take 300 photos of the same thing, but take a few so that you can choose the best one of the bunch to post on your favorite social media channel.  

3. Use a cloud-based storage program to store photos

Photos and videos are perhaps the worst offenders when it comes to taking up storage space on your phone. There are many online cloud-based platforms that allow you to store your photos for free. This tip is especially important when you are following tip number two!

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4. Try different filters and settings

As you begin to take more and more photos, try experimenting with new filters and settings. Changing the exposure, white balance, or focus may be the difference between an average picture and an incredible picture.

5. Don’t take too many selfies!!!

However cool selfies may be, there are plenty of other ways to take a picture of yourself. Perhaps learn how to use your camera’s self-timer, or maybe even ask a stranger to take a photo of you. Don’t be afraid to ask someone, it may be the best way to capture the perfect picture.

6. Follow professional photographers online and use their techniques

With the invention of social media, there's never been an easier way to follow famous photographers. When looking photos for inspiration, follow travel photographers such as Chris Burkard, Renan Ozturk, or Murad Osmann. Although you may not have the same expensive gear they use, you can use their techniques to take the perfect photo.

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7. Visit places that make good photos easy to take

The easiest way to take an incredible photo is to put yourself in an incredible place. The more beautiful and unique the location is, the easier it becomes to take the best photos. When traveling, try to find famous landmarks or beautiful scenery to take photos of.

8. Wear sunglasses so you aren't squinting in your photos

There is nothing worse than a picture of a group of people where everybody is squinting; it is the easiest way to turn a great photo into a horrible photo. To fix this issue, wear sunglasses or a hat, or perhaps turn from the sun slightly so that the glare isn’t right in your face.

9. Think carefully about upgrading your camera

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a new piece of camera equipment, then by all means do it. If you are doubting yourself even slightly, it may be more valuable to use that money on a weekend trip to a place where you’ll be able to see a whole new part of the world.

10. Have fun with it!

Finally, never take picture because you feel you have to. It may be more valuable for you to put your camera away for a couple days and then resume snapping when you feel up to it. When taking photos becomes a chore, it not only becomes boring, but the quality of your photos is likely to drop as well.

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Happy photo taking!

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