Interview: Megan Haufe

Dec 5, 2012 3:11:56 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Photo: SUNY Oswego students Megan Haufe (in Maroon) and Lindsay King (in blue) receiving their scholarship to study abroad in London and Beijing respectively. They are standing with President/CEO of CAPA International Education, John Christian, in the red tie.

Megan Haufe is the excited recipient of one of CAPA International Education's new scholarships, the result of a donation of $200,000 to further international education initiatives at SUNY Oswego. Two students per semester for the next three years will be selected to study abroad with CAPA in either Beijing or London on a full fee scholarship. SUNY Oswego even contributes the airfare, making study abroad a real option for those it may not be possible for otherwise. Megan will be studying in London in Spring 2013.

CAPA World: What is your major?
Megan Haufe: My major is Marketing and I also have a minor in International Business.

CW: Why do you want to study abroad?
MH: For one, I have always loved traveling. I have a high interest in exploring new places and seeing new things. However, I have never been given the opportunity to travel outside of the United States. I want to study abroad so that I can become a more well-rounded person and study parts of the world I have never been to before. I feel as though my lack of cultural experiences shelters me. Studying abroad will challenge me and force me out of my comfort zone. This will build character and teach me lessons I'm sure I will cherish for the rest of my life.

CW: Do you think you would have studied abroad without the CAPA scholarship? Why or why not?
MH: To provide some background information, my father runs his own paint contracting business and has always been the bread winner of the household, putting three children through school as well as supporting my mom. These past few years have proven extremely difficult for my family, with the bad economy negatively affecting my father’s business during the time all three of us have been in college. We are fortunate enough to have a father that covers the expenses of our schooling, but I know that the risks and stress of running a business and keeping up with expenses have been hard on him. Therefore, when I proposed the idea of studying abroad to my parents, I could tell that I was possibly asking for too much. They didn't want to let me down, but I knew that this was going to be a very difficult expense for them to take on. With this being said, I spent a great deal of time looking into different financial options to help fund studying abroad. I came across this scholarship and knew that it was a great opportunity that I couldn't ignore. Receiving this scholarship is one of the best things that has ever happened to both myself and my family. My parents have always given me everything they can and it is incredibly rewarding to know how proud they are of me for working hard and receiving such an incredible scholarship.

CW: Why do you think study abroad is important?
MH: Studying abroad is important because it teaches people how to survive and adapt in an environment they are not comfortable in. Figuring out ways to conform to a different culture will help identify a person's strengths and weaknesses. All in all, studying in a different country will teach you lessons and make you a more well-rounded individual.

CW: In which ways do you expect it will benefit you in the future?
MH: As a business major, it is important for me to understand business from a global perspective. Our world is becoming more and more globalized, so studying in London is my first step in becoming a better business person.

Thanks Megan!

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