Florence Lovin': A Guest Post by Dee Liang

Jun 27, 2013 12:18:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

Words and photos by Dee Liang, a CAPA Florence student from the University of Colorado Boulder who is studying abroad during Summer 2013.


The concept of time is indescribable when living in a different place: it feels like I have been here for so long, yet the days are flying by, faster than I can keep track. It is mind blowing that this is my sixth week in Florence!

With less than one week left, I just want to hold onto everything a little bit longer, eat every panino slower, embrace each day a little tighter.

As I'm digging this city so much, I find this to be a time of reciprocation where this experience is digging into me, revealing a new-found appreciation for the things around me. Mostly, this trip just validates more and more the extent of how beautiful life is!

Some of the things I dig about Firenze...

1. Going to the market.

2. Amazing panoramic skill developing opportunities.

3. Long lines and lunch on the sidewalk.

4. Firenze evenings.

5. Lush, green reading spots.

6. Random finds at random crafts markets.

7. Beautiful days.

8. Street art.

Words and pictures do not really do this experience justice, but I can definitely say that I am living la bella vita. Here's to the rest of the journey, soaking up all this Vitamin Dee in the humidity and going up to Piazzale Michelangelo as many times as I can! Here's to life.

Thanks Dee!

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