10 Places to Appreciate Art When You Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

Aug 27, 2013 10:04:39 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Poke your nose around any global city. Art is everywhere from formal galleries to outdoor sculptures to impromptu performances to street art and murals. Here, we've chosen 10 of our favorite places to appreciate art when you study abroad in Buenos Aires with CAPA International Education.

1. RECOLETA CEMETERY. There’s far more to see at Recoleta Cemetery than just Evita’s grave. Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate some of Buenos Aires’s best sculpture, permanently on display at this most popular tourist site.

Photo: Recoleta Cemetery by Daniel Calonge

2. MUSEO DE ARTE LATINOAMERICANO DE BUENOS AIRES (MALBA). Featuring masterworks of modern, Latin-American painters, sculptors and filmmakers, the MALBA is a museum not to be missed! When visiting, be sure to pay careful attention for the works of Antonio Berni, a painter and assemblage artist with a particularly prescient knack for portraying life in Buenos Aires throughout the 20th century.

Photo: MALBA by Francesco Marchetti

3. TEATRO COLON. With recent refurbishments completed since 2010, the public may once again visit Teatro Colon, one of Buenos Aires’s architectural masterpieces. This place is a real feast for art lovers of all sorts. Book tickets to the opera, take a guided tour to glimpse its rich interiors, or just grab your maté and a picnic blanket and chill out on the grass on outside Plaza Lavalle.

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires
Photo: Teatro Colón by konekotichy

4. STREET ART. The street art in Buenos Aires is top notch! Anyone visiting Buenos Aires will find stencils, stickers and wall paintings nearly anywhere in the city, but can find a concentration of particularly good works in the neighbourhoods of Palermo Hollywood or Palermo Soho. For enthusiasts, there are English-language tours offered through Graffiti Mundo every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. And for those wanting to get involved, Graffiti Mundo also hosts stencil making work shops, so visitors can learn how to make works of their own.

Frontera II
Photo: Street art by David de la Mano in San Telmo by heterónimo3

5. FERIA DE MATADEROS. Those with a taste for folk art should not miss the Feria de Mataderos, which is held every Sunday. This fair is host of hundreds of artisans, but also offers food, music and demonstrations by gauchos on horseback. Feria de Mataderos is located approximately 45-minutes from the city center (by public buses, called colectivos), and is well worth the travel time!

Feria de Mataderos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photo: Feria de Mataderos by Carlos Adampol Galindo

6. PUENTE DE LA MUJER, PUERTO MADERO. Lovers of contemporary architecture will enjoy a quick visit to Puerto Madero to see Puente de la Mujer, designed by world-renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. This part of the city is also known for its posh shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Buenos Aires
Photo: Puente de la Mujer by Gustavo Gomes

7. FLORALIS GENERICA. This massive, mechanical sculpture is now one of the most iconic monuments in Buenos Aires. It’s located near to Recoleta Cemetery, and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Art Museum), so worth stopping by if you’re in that part of town already.

Solar Flower - The Giant Robot of Buenos Aires + New Video!
Photo: Floralis Generica by Trey Ratcliff

8. GALERIAS PACIFICO. This is now an up-market shopping mall, but the real highlight of a visit to this place is its ceiling. Look up and you’ll find ceiling paintings by Antonio Berni, arguably one of Buenos Aires’s most famous artists of the twentieth century (rivalling Xul Solar, even).

Qué techito
Photo: Galerías Pacífico by Pablo Flores

9. EL CAMINITO, LA BOCA. This area is a bit of a tourist magnet as its colourful facades feature the covers of most major Buenos Aires tour books, but definitely a must-see. A visit to La Boca should always involve a stroll down El Caminito, and a browse of the local artisan wares usually on offer from street vendors. Art lovers should take the opportunity to visit the Funcacion Proa whilst in the neighbourhood to view works of contemporary art, produced largely by artists living in or near Buenos Aires today.

El Caminito´s Colors 2
Photo: El Caminito by Sergio Ziliotti

10. AVENIDA DE MAYO, FROM PLAZA DE MAYO TO PLAZA DEL CONGRESO. An art lover’s visit to Buenos Aires is simply incomplete without a full stroll down the Avenida de Mayo. This walk will take you past some of the city’s best examples of architecture, sculpture and stained glass, from across the city’s long history. Begin at the Plaza de Mayo, at the foot of the Casa Rosada (the Argentine equivalent of the White House). then make your way along the broad Avenida de Mayo, a street that is uncannily Parisian. Stop by Café Tortoni for a quick café con leche and a glimpse of one of Buenos Aires’s most stunning art deco interiors. With strength restored, cross Avenida 9 de Julio, the world’s widest avenue with as many as 14 lanes in total. At the midpoint of 9 de Julio, take a moment to view the Argentine Obelisk. This is a monument commemorating the city’s 400th anniversary of the first foundation of the city, and is strikingly similar in appearance to the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Once past the buzz of 9 de Julio, then carry on your journey all the way to Plaza de Congresso.

Plaza Congreso
Photo: Plaza Congreso by Vyacheslav Bondaruk

Have you been to Buenos Aires? Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite places to appreciate art in this global city.

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