Study Abroad in Sydney: From Pre-Departure to Homecoming

Mar 24, 2014 10:00:00 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

CAPA International Education alum Connor McCarthy spent Fall semester 2013 studying abroad in Sydney. He teamed up with the Learning Abroad Center at his home institution, the University of Minnesota, to create a series of videos to document his journey.

Focusing on the pre-departure stage in his first video, Connor talks a bit about the CAPA program and the application process from the point of view of a University of Minnesota student. He discusses his concerns about studying abroad, in particular about studying abroad in Australia (check out 2:18) and how he is preparing for his adventure.

In the second video, Connor checks in from Sydney. He talks about the CAPA accommodation arrangements and shows us around his apartment. He discusses his classes and where they take place as well as the internship he completed while abroad. Beyond the educational aspects of study abroad programs, Connor mentions CAPA-led excursions, other opportunities to explore and the use of public transportation. He closes with some advice for students who wish to study abroad.

Connor's final video is a reflection on his experience, shot from Minnesota after he returned home. He jumps right in to talking about how his experience abroad can be used while interviewing for jobs and the skills he gained during the semester in Sydney. Also, Connor discusses the transition back to campus life and then wraps up with a few final thoughts on the value of studying abroad in general.

We'd like to thank Connor and the Learning Abroad Center staff at University of Minnesota for allowing us to share this video series with you!

Topics: CAPA Alumni, Sydney, Australia