10 Websites to Visit When You Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

Jun 3, 2014 9:55:49 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Doing your research before you study abroad in Buenos Aires or looking for information once you've arrived? Your local CAPA team is an excellent resource, but for this Tuesday 10s series, we've also asked them to share a list of ten favorite websites highlighting your host city.

1. GRINGO IN BUENOS AIRES. All about living like a local Gringo in Buenos Aires takes us through the city to explore all of the places that appeal to Porteños. Beyond places, there are regular interviews with BA natives (like Matías Serrano) who let us in on their secrets from favorite restaurants to where to have what they consider an authentic cultural experience in this global city. You can choose content based on neighborhoods (barrios) which comes in handy. There's also a newsletter you can subscribe to which features events, deals, news and recommendations.

2. SOUTHERN CONE TRAVEL. American guide book writer Wayne Bernhardson has been living and traveling in Latin America for about 30 years so he is full of stories and tips. While he travels the continent, his wife is Argentine and they have a home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo which they rent out when they're in the States. Ever wondered whether to refer to someone or something as Argentine or Argentinean or where to find bargain bites to eat in BA? Posts range from politics to economic to food and beyond.

3. TIME OUT BUENOS AIRES. Time Out are top notch in most cities when it comes to keeping a finger on the pulse of the city. They're always in the know, providing details of the latest restaurant openings, events and things to do. They're great for reviews as well if you're considering a restaurant, club. theater or cafe. It's updated daily. They even have a Buenos Aires Guide for newcomers and an excellent recommended "20 Great Things to Do" to keep you busy while you're there. (CAPA staff will have plenty of suggestions for you too!)

4. BSAS4U. The BSAS4U blog is run by the local tour company of the same name with the traveler in mind. It's updated approximately weekly with new content that covers topics from music to sports to local activities and events. A few of the posts we've recently enjoyed reading are the Top Football Stadiums in Buenos Aires, Choosing a Tango Show in Buenos Aires and the Top 5 Religious Buildings in Buenos Aires. There's also a page of useful facts that first time visitors to the city will appreciate.

5. MY BUENOS AIRES TRAVEL GUIDE. Sandra Gutrejde Suarez was born and bred in Buenos Aires and she loves helping visitors to her city plan their trips by sharing her local knowledge on her blog, My Buenos Aires Travel Guide. One of her latest posts, on Italian Gastronomy Week, shows what a global city BA is and speaks to Sandra's obvious love of writing about food! Other topics are wide ranging, from sports, to nightlife to museums and cultural events. Her blog has been running since 2007, so you could easily lose yourself for hours digging through her archives.

6. BUENOS AIRES FOODIES. Maria Carra, writer and editor of Buenos Aires Foodies, has a real passion for food that she wishes to share with her audience. Though she only updates twice a month, we look forward to new content. She's been writing for years and topics on her blog include everything from restaurant reviews to recipes to food news like her recent list of Argentine food trucks. We love her category on Argentine specialties (although we wish it was updated more often!). We also follow her Food in Buenos Aires board on Pinterest.

7. FOTO RUTA. The Foto Ruta blog is written by a company of the same name who offer photography tours and courses around Buenos Aires. Their twice monthly content ranges from photography tips like How to Create a GIF (that can be applied to your study abroad pictures) to the more general city experiences like one of their most recent posts, Where To Eat on a Monday in Buenos Aires. We love that they appreciate - and encourage - finding beauty in the ordinary when you're exploring this global city. And, as you would expect, their blog contains plenty of great photography.

8. VAMOS SPANISH. The Vamos Spanish Academy, an institution that teaches Spanish as a second language, writes a blog that is updated weekly with plenty of great content. We love their recent post on street art which starts with the sentence, "Buenos Aires is one of a handful major cities where graffiti is legal." The content you'll find here is wide-ranging. Another few recent favorites are 5 Places to Get the Best Views of Buenos Aires and a post about delicious alfajores! The blog is organized into categories such as Things We Experience, Things We Taste, Things We Hear, etc so it provides some real inspiration for the senses.

9. THE REAL ARGENTINA. A collaboration among a team of 16 writers, The Real Argentina looks to embrace the spirit of Argentina and its people through weekly posts about food and culture. Their recent review of the Best Empanadas in Argentina is making us hungry and we're itching to get out and dance at one of their Top 10 Milongas. The Porteño Slang Survival Dictionary can be useful to have at hand when you're new to the country and we found it very interesting to read about the Argentine Gaucho's Influence on Global Fashion! Many of their posts also include videos.

10. DUOLINGO. If you're studying abroad in Buenos Aires, one of the best ways to prepare yourself is to start learning (or improving) your Spanish. Our favorite language leaning app, Duolingo, also has a website version. Duolingo makes learning a language fun. It's a game that tests your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills, allowing you to unlock new levels as you go. If you forget to play for a day, you start to lose skill points. The website has discussion boards, translation exercises and you can compete against friends.

Do you have a favorite website you follow in your own city or abroad? Tell us about it in a comment!

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