10 Websites to Visit When You Study Abroad in Dublin

Jun 10, 2014 9:58:59 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Doing your research before you study abroad in Dublin or looking for information once you've arrived? Your local CAPA team is an excellent resource, but for this Tuesday 10s series, we've also asked them to share a list of ten favorite websites highlighting your host city.

1. VISIT DUBLIN. Tourism has become one of the backbones of the Irish economy and the extremely helpful site, Visit Dublin, the official tourism website for the city, reflects just how far this city will go to welcome newcomers. It is one of the best resources for getting the most out of your stay in Dublin – for tourists and locals, alike. You’ll find tons of useful information including details on all kinds of upcoming events, neighborhood guides, public transportation overviews, and helpful info for visiting popular sites. It’s a great way to find out more about something to do or discover something entirely new. For example, you can track down local markets, learn about experiencing Dublin on a budget, or see if you have anything to add to their 25 reasons to love Dublin.

2. COME HERE TO ME. “Come here to me” is Dublin slang for something along the lines of “listen to this” or “I’ve got something to tell you,” and this immensely readable blog is full of historical and cultural secrets hidden throughout this fascinating city. It is co-written by a small group of history enthusiasts who celebrate Dublin life and culture with interests ranging from street art to pub crawls. The blog features both regular articles highlighting where Dublin’s past intersects with the present, as well as archived thematic content exploring subjects like the city’s football and music history. If you want to discover the little-known historical secrets of this city, start with Come Here to Me!

3. ENTERTAINMENT.IE. Entertainment.ie is the central spot for film, music, performance, and television news in Ireland. If you need to find movie times, want to discover a concert, or are interested in taking in a comedy show – this should be your first stop. Aside from things like movie reviews and concert listings, the site also features regular articles keeping you up to date on the pop culture scene in Ireland and around the world.

4. TOTALLY DUBLIN. Totally Dublin covers every inch of the food scene, culture, and excitement of living in Dublin. This site is always reliable for finding out about the next must-visit cafe or upcoming local band. If you’re at all interested in experiencing the best food, music, film, art, and nightlife in Dublin, you should explore the reviews, articles, and interviews constantly updated on Totally Dublin. Then when you’re done, you can see how many of their 200 reasons not to leave Dublin you appreciate.

5. IRISH GENEALOGY. Many students decide to study in Ireland out of a desire to connect with their own Irish heritage. If you’re interested in exploring your Irish heritage and ancestry while in Dublin, start with Irish Genealogy. It is the Irish government’s official genealogical research website and provides you with all the resources you need to start learning about your family history in Ireland. You can access guides on getting started, find helpful resources online, and search tons of records available for free online.

6. BUILT DUBLIN. Have you ever wondered what the story was behind a bizarre old, faded sign on the side of a building or been puzzled by an obscure and outdated architectural feature? Then Built Dublin is the site for you. It’s a blog obsessive with urban details, dedicating itself to “the things that are beautiful, interesting, important or strange in Dublin’s built environment.” The stories are endlessly fascinating and you can even access a handy map that shows you where past features can be found around the city.

7. IRISH TIMES. Traveling abroad, you’ll often find that many locals are very knowledgeable about American politics and current events. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the same in Ireland, not only to show the courtesy of taking interest in Irish life but also to get a deeper understanding of what you experience while you’re there. One of the best places to stay current on what’s going on is the website of the Irish Times, the online presence of Ireland’s second biggest newspaper. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the latest political developments, sports stories, and, that most popular of Irish conversation topics: the weather.

8. DUBLIN SESSIONS. One of the most iconic Irish experiences is taking in a “trad session,” or a night of traditional Irish music, at a local pub. Dublin Sessions makes it easier to find where and when traditional Irish music happening around Dublin. You can search by day of the week or venue, and there are also listings for other genres like reggae and jazz. The site is designed to be accessed easily on your phone as well, so it’s a perfect resource if you’re looking for music while already out on the town.

9. LOVIN' DUBLIN. How can a list of the 150 most incredible things to eat and drink in Dublin not get you excited about studying abroad in this city? Lovin’ Dublin specializes in exploring and celebrating Dublin’s food scene through reviews, recipes, interviews, and a slew of articles. It’s a foodie essential. But Lovin’ Dublin also takes times to cover other aspects of Dublin life, like its article on five secret parks in the city and its charming photo series on the people of Dublin.

10. CAPA DUBLIN. Explore what your Dublin study abroad experience would be like through CAPA on our own website. Our CAPA Dublin Program is based out of Griffith College, a small private college located in central Dublin. As part of the program, you’ll enjoy the benefits of living in a lively and diverse Irish campus community while having the opportunity to take specialized CAPA courses and complete an internship. On our website you’ll find information on course offerings, internships, program details, and be able to reach out to our advising team to get started.

A few bonus favorites: Irish Film Institute; Irish Family History Foundation; Griffith College Student Union; Dublin Event Guide; Boston College – Walking Ulysses.

Do you have a favorite website you follow in your own city or abroad? Tell us about it in a comment!

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