10 Websites to Visit When You Study Abroad in Sydney

Jul 15, 2014 10:19:27 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Doing your research before you study abroad in Sydney or looking for information once you've arrived? Your local CAPA team is an excellent resource, but for this Tuesday 10s series, we've also asked them to share a list of ten favorite websites highlighting your host city.

1. CONCRETE PLAYGROUND. Concrete Playground is a great place to find out where the locals are hanging out in Sydney. It is an online weather vane pointing you to the cultural tornadoes that are just about to hit. They handpick the most inspiring cultural events, news and eateries to help you plan your weekends and take advantage of the city each day. Updated daily, it is the work of a collective of writers and social secretaries who have a constant ear to the under and above (but never middle) ground of the creative worlds in Sydney.

2. KING GEORGE V RECREATION CENTER. Did you know that 70% of the total Australian population participates at least once a week in sport or recreation? Social sports provide a great opportunity to meet and mingle with the locals and an opportunity to give a new sport a try. King George V Recreation Centre also offers Lady Hoops sessions and Youth Programs around the city.

3. CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERING. Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world; 91% of Australia is covered by native vegetation. Preserving this wealth of biodiversity is important for future generations. However, the country also has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and a very high proportion of its surviving animals and plants (over 1,700 species) are listed as threatened with extinction. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, this is a great place to do something different and check out various short term projects (even just a day!) within Sydney or around the country during your time abroad. However, if conservation isn't your thing, you can also check out other volunteer opportunities across multiple different sectors.

4. JETSTAR. Australians are known to be seasoned travelers. There is a saying that every Australian birth certificate comes with a passport. Jetstar is one of Australia’s most popular and cheapest airline carriers. They offer great deals on a daily basis and fly all over Australia and neighboring countries. It’s a great way to see what options you have to discover new and exciting places while you are Down Under.

5. CITY ART SYDNEY. City Art paints a picture (pun intended) behind the sculptures, monuments, fountains, murals and memorials in Sydney as well as provides information about the way they are cared for through the Conservation Program. The various walking tours offered are a great way to explore the city and to learn about street art and sculptures that you may not have even noticed.

6. SYDNEY CRICKET GROUND AND SPORTS GROUND TRUST. Sport is something of a national obsession in Australia. We’re avid followers of ‘footy’, which covers everything from rugby union to the uniquely Australian AFL. The Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust manages all of the events at two stadiums that sit side-by-side: the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium. Together these two grounds form a central sports precinct which includes a sports museum and occasionally hosts major concerts as well. The precinct hosts Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Australian Rules Football and Cricket on a weekly basis, so it’s a great way to experience another aspect of Aussie culture.

7. SYDNEY: DESTINATION NSW. The official tourism website for Sydney, this site gives you a great run down and explanation of the endless suburbs that make up Sydney and the never-ending activities, events and workshops you can take part in. One of the highlights is a blog by “Chief Funster” (who wouldn't want that job title?), Andrew Smith, a Californian whose job is to experience and review all things fun in the state of New South Wales.

8. SONGKICK. Music Festivals and concerts are abundant in and around Sydney. Scroll through the upcoming shows to see if anything tickles your fancy while you’re in town. Alternatively, you can either download the app or link it to your Facebook and it will let you know when your favorite artists are playing nearby!

9. NOT QUITE NIGELLA. Australia is not known for its cuisine; however, the melting pot that is Sydney has resulted in endless choices for eateries that show the influence of Asia due to its close proximity as well as highlight the multiculturalism that is evident in every corner of this city. Not Quite Nigella is a food blog by born and bred Sydney-sider, Lorraine Elliott. She creates recipes and travel reviews; however, her main focus is on restaurants in Sydney that range from Asian, Swedish, American, French, Caribbean and many, many more!

10. CAPA SYDNEY BLOGGERS. Who better to find out more about the CAPA Sydney Program than alumni? Read through the various blogs and Q&As by past students to learn about CAPA, Sydney and Australia from a student’s perspective as well as how you can develop personally and professionally through internships abroad and MyEducation events that take place throughout the semester or summer while you're abroad.

Do you have a favorite website you follow in your own city or abroad? Tell us about it in a comment!

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