Study Abroad: 10 Ways to Spend a Sunny Day in Buenos Aires

Jul 29, 2014 10:01:47 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

The sun is shining. You're studying abroad in Buenos Aires. How do you make the most of the day ahead? Our local staff have a few suggestions:

1. VISIT THE GAUCHO FAIR - FERIA DE MATADEROS. Probably the most authentic gaucho fair in the city of Buenos Aires, Feria de Mataderos is located in the historical neighborhood of Mataderos. The fair has become a permanent space in which to promote Argentine cultural roots. There are beautiful artisan-made crafts to shop, authentic foods to eat and plenty of gaucho entertainment and dances. What better way to enjoy a sunny day in Buenos Aires? The fair is held every Sunday from 11am until 8pm. Don´t miss it!

Photo: Feria de Matadores by Sebastian Ilari

2. TAKE A TROLLEY CAR RIDE. Head out into the sunshine and catch a historic trolly car for a ride around the neighborhood of Caballito. Trolley cars provided the main urban transport system that Porteños used about 100 years ago, but they were abruptly eliminated in 1968. Since 1980, these legendary trolleys have returned to the streets of Buenos Aires to be enjoyed once again for a blast from the past. There is a ride available every 25 minutes.

Photo: Trolley in Buenos Aires by Kapitanbar

3. VISIT THE JAPANESE GARDEN. In the neighborhood of Palermo, you'll find one of the most peaceful, relaxing places in Buenos Aires: the Japanese garden. The park was inaugurated in 1967 when Japan’s emperor Akihito visited the city. Each element in the gardens seeks to portray a sense of harmony and calmness. There is a huge variety of flowers, plants and a lake full of wonderful fish to watch as they swim lazily around. Walk over the small red bridges, check out the Japanese sculptures and then settle in for a picnic lunch on a warm Summer day. There is also an interesting cultural center to visit.

Photo: Japanese garden in Buenos Aires by Germán De Stéfano

4. WALK THROUGH THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF LA BOCA. If there's one neighborhood that visitors to Buenos Aires can't miss, it's the colorful streets of La Boca. Located on the city's harbor the area is considered the "Little Italy" of Buenos Aires for its high concentration of Italian immigrants. Now it has a boho vibe and is home to many artists. La Boca is also considered to have been the origin of tango and it is common to find street tango shows providing a bit of outdoor entertainment.

Photo: La Boca by Boris G

5. VISIT THE CEMETERY OF RECOLETA. When the sun is shining, it's a great day for a reflective walk through one of the world's most famous cemeteries. “El Cementario de la Recoleta” is located in the beautiful and affluent neighborhood of La Recoleta. It is revered not only for its permanent residents, but also for its beauty. Each of the tombs sits above ground. They are ornately decorated and uniquely designed. One of the most popular places to visit within the cemetery is the tomb of Eva Peron which is of particular interest to locals and visitors alike.

Photo: Recoleta Cemetery by Trey Ratcliff

6. EXPLORE BUENOS AIRES BY BICYCLE. A public bicycle rental system has been organized by the local government to encourage tourists and locals to rely more on this ecological mode of transportation. It's also an excellent way to fit in some exercise if the weather is nice. There are several bike paths and bike stops around the city and the program allows everyone to use a bike for free. The government also runs a bike tour through the most important neighborhoods, past the most well known monuments, museums and parks in the city - highly recommended!

Photo: Public bike rental in Buenos Aires by Sandra Hernandez

7. VISIT TIGRE. A great day trip when the sun is shining is a journey to the charming town of Tigre in the northwest of the Buenos Aires province. It is surrounded by the Tigre River and it is traversed by waterways. It's fun just to watch the boats traveling through. Tigre is easily walkable, and a breath of fresh air. There is an interesting fair called “Puerto de Frutos” that sells crafts and foods as well as a beautiful art museum. Adventurous spirits can try a wide variety of activities like trekking or visit the island “Martín Garcia”.

Photo: Tigre in Argentina by Miguel Vieira

8. SPEND THE DAY AT PLAZA SERRANO. Palermo is a bustling neighborhood, so as you can imagine, a sunny day brings with it an even livelier vibe. You'll find Plaza Serrano in between Honduras and Jorge Luis Borges streets. This square is surrounded by some of the coolest bars and restaurants in Buenos Aires. You'll often find independent design fairs here so if you're into fashion, it's a great place to keep an eye out for some original clothes. If you're not, enjoy the people watching and just relax.

Photo: Plaza Serrano by Alan Patrick

9. WALK THE COBBLESTONE STREETS OF SAM TELMO. The neighborhood of San Telmo is one of the oldest in Buenos Aires; it used to be the home of high society up until 1870, the year when the yellow fever epidemic arrived. Meet friends on a sunny afternoon at “Plaza Dorrego” on Defensa street - known as the square of artists and tango. Tango shows surrounded by curious crowds form part of the normal scene during the weekends. Old bars, museums such as the National Historic Museum and ancient churches are some of the local attractions.

Photo: San Telmo by Gustavo Flauzino

10. VISIT TEMAIKÉN ZOO. Temaikén is one of the major zoos in Buenos Aires. Its foundation is as a national organization that protects animals and nature. There are more than 2,200 animals and a huge diversity of plants spread through the entire park. There is also a 360° cinema, an aquarium and an interactive learning center in the park. Spend a beautiful sunny day outdoors feeding and observing the animals, learning about Argentine nature and enjoy Temaikén’s shows.

Photo: At the Temaikén Zoo by Sofia Gonzalez

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