Congratulations to Star Blogger Colin Speakman

Aug 7, 2014 9:17:56 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Colin Speakman, CAPA's Director of China Programs, prolific China Daily contributor and CAPA World columnist, was recently recognized for his writing accomplishments. We'd like to extend a warm congratulations to Colin who visited the China Daily offices in Beijing where the editor presented him with a Star Blogger certificate and trophy. Colin was also acknowledged as leading writer for his contributions to the China Daily Forum during the World Cup 2014.

Photo: Colin Speakman receives Star Blogger award from the Editor at the China Daily office in Beijing

Putting previous experience of writing about soccer for suite 101 to good use, Colin contributed a series of 24 articles covering the 2014 World Cup for readers of China Daily. He has also shared his extensive soccer knowledge and passion for the sport in a CAPA World blog post, Soccer Unites Global Cities, as part of his monthly Connecting Global Cities column.

Photo: Colin Speakman receives World Cup 2014 award and official World Cup gear for series of 24 Articles

Since late 2008, Colin has been writing for the China Daily print edition, during which time he has contributed 42 articles, the latest at the beginning of this month. Highlighting a few of these, "China's Changes through Western Eyes" was published in March this year to coincide with the government's annual meetings and "Xi Offers Hope of Clarity" from 2012 will appear in a book by another author about President Xi to be published by the China International Press.

Many of Colin's approximately 320 blog posts on the China Daily Forum have been featured as leading articles and have been widely read. His advice to fellow bloggers has been read over 79,000 times and a post on looking ahead to the Shanghai Pan Asian summit has been read over 112,000 times.

Photo: Colin Speakman receives China Daily Star Blogger Trophy

Colin has lived in China for many years and is very well-connected with both locals and expats. His knowledge of China and Chinese culture is passed along to CAPA students who study abroad in Beijing and Shanghai. One of his personal favorite blog posts on the China Daily Forum is about his experience of being a laowai (foreigner) in China.

We'd like to acknowledge Colin and his enthusiastic contributions to the CAPA World blog in our own way, with a Top Blog Award. Colin's column, Connecting Global Cities, has been published each month since February 2013, covering topics (from art districts to gardens to war and many others) that crisscross the CAPA global cities around the world.

Please join us in congratulating Colin on his continued writing accomplishments for both China Daily and CAPA World!

To read more of Colin's writing for China Daily, you'll find him listed first on the contributor's page.
Look forward to Colin's next CAPA World column on August 29.


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