Study Abroad in Buenos Aires: 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Sep 23, 2014 9:04:31 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Instagram feeds in each of CAPA's global cities around the world offer wonderful insight into what's happening now from a local point of view. In this Tuesday 10 series, we share a few of our favorites in each destination. This week, we take a look at Buenos Aires. You can also follow us: @CAPAStudyAbroad. Feel free to share yours in a comment and let us know who else we should add to our Buenos Aires list!

1. BUENOS AIRES CITY. From blue and white patriotic mohawks for the World Cup to grand spiraling staircases to buskers playing drums on the streets, Buenos Aires City feed captures the atmosphere of Buenos Aires one photo at a time. There's clean laundry hanging against a backdrop of La Boca's colorful walls, street art images and the Torre De Los Ingleses shrouded in fog.

2. TINCHO - CABA, ARGENTINA. This city is full of surprises and many of them show up in this colorful Instagram feed. There's street art galore, a view of the old roof of the Mercado de Abasto Proveedor and clouds reflected in the glass skyscraper that is the 955 Belgrano office. You'll see the great details of the doors at the entrance to the House of Culture, many sculptures and the bridge over Avenida Dorrego.

3. GRAFFITIS FROM BUENOS AIRES. As the title of this one suggests, it's all about graffiti. Andy is a street art hunter who captures new pieces as they pop up all over the city. Some of the images are of tags while others are of elaborate murals. You'll even find a few of artists at work. It's a feed that's updated constantly, often many times a day as Andy explores the art of BA.

4. BOCA BJ. This one is for the soccer fans! Boca Juniors are a local favorite and their blue and yellow feed is full of action shots and dramatic moments that happen during their games. Mixed in with the shooting, celebrating and goaltending are photos of the crowds, behind the scenes insight and even a smattering of images of the players with their families.

5. INSTAGRAMERS BUENOS AIRES. Many cities have community feeds that are populated by a number of local Instagramers. Photos are tagged and a new one is selected daily as the feature image with credit given back to the photographer. If you're studying abroad in Buenos Aires, you may even consider submitting a couple. There's a wide range of topics here, but what could be considered a "best of" Instagram in BA represented.

6. BUENOS AIRES OFFICIAL. This is the official Instagram feed of the city and, like the Instagramers community above, they feature submissions from a wide variety of photographers capturing the city. You'll find stray cats in Recoleta Cemetery, a river scene at 8am, commuters on the move and a look around the diverse and colorful neighborhoods of the Buenos Aires.

7. CAMILA. A Buenos Aires-based designer, Camila's artistic photographs of the city show a value of white space, an interest in architectural details and a love of creativity. We see a hopscotch game painted on the sidewalk which she captions "heaven", a crisp #nofilter shot of the Obelisco shining white against a deep blue sky and look round the market in San Telmo.

8. BUENOS AIRES. Updated several times per day, this feed is a constantly refreshing look at Buenos Aires and places nearby from sandy blue-sky beach scenes to towering residential blocks that seem to go on for miles to battered painted walls that bring color to the city streets. There's a male busker playing jazz in leopard print leggings on the corner, a touch of fashion and raindrops on window panes.

9. JONAS PAPIER. Jonas fills his Instagram feed with everything he finds around Buenos Aires, from draping flowers hanging down brick walls to run-down apartment blocks to rainbow staircases. There are images of art in galleries and on the streets, close ups of zoo animals and boats reflecting in the water of the marina.

10. LUCAS WARAT. Lucas calls himself an image hunter and while many of his photos are posed, there are some wonderfully expressive portraits of local people on the streets, from buskers to people just going about their everyday lives. You'll see beat up cars against graffiti walls, scenes of a concrete jungle and walks through the woods.

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