Study Abroad in Florence: 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Oct 7, 2014 9:18:52 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Instagram feeds in each of CAPA's global cities around the world offer wonderful insight into what's happening now from a local point of view. In this Tuesday 10 series, we share a few of our favorites in each destination. This week, we take a look at Florence. You can also follow us: @CAPAStudyAbroad. Feel free to share yours in a comment and let us know who else we should add to our Florence list!

1. NOT MY NONNI. Nonni and nonna are the words for grandparents in Italian. This Instagram feed is full of photos of other people's grandparents spotted going about their everyday lives. It was started by Tiana Kai whose personal Instagram is number 8 further down this list. She was inspired by a well-dressed nonni in Florence which spiraled into a larger project, posting one image per day. It caught on and now has over 15,000 followers.

2. FLORENCE FOR FREE. Hannah and Meg are former study abroad students whose love for Florence continues to live on in their blog and Instagram feed. There are some oddities like a watermelon bike, for example, but it's classic Florence in most shots: colorful heaps of gelato, laundry hanging in the streets, a smattering of sculptures, pizza and pasta and coffee.

3. ALEXANDRA KOREY. Alexandra is the blogger behind ArtTrav and some of her photos spill over into her Instagram feed as well. Expect vibrant market shots of fruit and vegetables, some breathtaking scenery, and a couple of #notmynonni tags in a nod to number 1. There's a stray cat wandering in the Florentine sun and plenty of images beyond the borders of this global city too, from seascapes to countryside scenes.

4. BIRGITTE BRONDSTED. Birgitte is a photographer who bounces between Florence and Copenhagen regularly so her feed is typically a mix of both cities. With multiple posts per day, there are constant updates to enjoy. Expect nostalgic shots of bicycles leaning on walls, colorful images from Florence's markets, and just everyday life around the city which she captures with an eye for detail.

5. VALENTINA DAINELLI. Valentina is a freelance copywriter, travel blogger and writer but she's based in Florence. There's a boat gliding toward Ponte Vecchio under stormy skies, a dog carrying a newspaper in its mouth, and images of celebration from the nearby Carnevale di Viareggio. You'll also see plenty of Tuscany's rolling hills and beautiful vineyards.

6. THE FLORENTINE. The Florentine is the English speaking newspaper in Florence. Their Instagram feed covers events like Festa di San Lorenzo with pictures of costumed drummers, local architectural and interior details like the stunning ceiling of the Baptistery, classic river shots of the Arno. They often reshare photos from other Instagramers who use the tag #TheFlorentine to submit.

7. MARCELA SCHNEIDER FERREIRA. Marcela is a Brazilian architect and blogger based in Florence. Expect fashion shots, bundles of flowers for sale and photos the capture the atmosphere of her everyday adventures around the city, from rain slick cobblestones shimmering under carousel lights to friends soaking up the sun on Ponte Santa Trinita.

8. TIANA KAI. Tiana brings us Florence through her eyes, sharing street portraits of friendly strangers, images of vespas, iconic Fiats and rose gardens. There is a photo of street artist Clet unveiling a new piece of work, the narrow streets and archways in the historic center of the city and lots of bikes. Tiana updates a few times a day, so expect something new each time you check in.

9. RALUCA TUDOR. Raluca is a talented street photograher and blogger, an observer of the world around her, capturing the people of Florence in their laughter, their love stories and their loneliness. She also photographs the occasional meal, like a breakfast of colorful macarons and coffee or a wedge of homemade pizza covered in cherry tomatoes.

10. GIRL IN FLORENCE. Georgette is a "Tuscan Texan" living in Florence. Follow her for photos of food like mouthwatering truffle pasta and asparagus ravioli with a butter sage sauce. Mainly, her feed is a look at everyday life with the occasional surprise like a photo where she takes us behind the scenes in the city's artisan quarters with a shot of Enrico Gianninj's tools, a master at 'marbling' and vellum book binding.

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