Study Abroad in Shanghai: 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Oct 28, 2014 9:23:33 AM / by Stephanie Sadler

Instagram feeds in each of CAPA's global cities around the world offer wonderful insight into what's happening now from a local point of view. In this Tuesday 10 series, we share a few of our favorites in each destination. This week, we take a look at Shanghai. You can also follow us: @CAPAStudyAbroad. Feel free to share yours in a comment and let us know who else we should add to our Shanghai list!

1. HIGASHI HOU. A dark and cinematic Instagram feed, Higashi often shoots in black and white with high contrast for a monochrome view of life in Shanghai dotted by an occasional image in color. You'll see umbrellas used in the sun and umbrellas used in the rain, an elderly man walking through the narrow lanes of a hutong and a dramatic use of light and shadows.

2. SHANGHAI INSTAGRAM COMMUNITY. As the title suggests, this is a community feed with photos of Shanghai submitted using #ZaiShanghai and the best selected and featured meaning there are some high quality images here. From a crowd under umbrellas watching a fireworks display over the Power Station of Art to a couple dancing in a doorway, it's a great overview of city life from many perspectives.

3. REY. Follow Rey for morning tai chi, the intimidating twists and turns of overlapping Shanghai highways and a wall of rainbow bird house mailboxes. Beyond the skyscrapers, he takes us on strolls through the neighborhoods where locals live into the Shanghai Light Textile Market where a street vendor sells baked sweet potato and corn on the cob and into a local corner shop on Jiaozhou Road.

4. SHANGHAI INSTAGRAM. Another community feed, Shanghai Instagram choose the best of submissions to feature one per day. You'll see crisp shots of the Nanpu Bridge stretching over the river, colourful festivities surrounding the dragon boat races and fork lightning dancing over a purple nighttime sky.

5. JORDAN. Jordan is an American expat and photographer living in China. His feed is professional, with shots of bright lights at night, the red lines traffic zooming along the Shanghai highway with a long exposure and atmospheric images of the 2010 world expo site. Like many expats, Jordan travels a bit, so the Shanghai stream is occasionally dotted with images from places like the US, Vietnam and other locations in China.

6. VEEVEENNN. From the beautiful ceiling of the Global Harbor building to people interacting with street art in the M50 Art District to playful shots that are angled to minimize the giant skyscrapers, Veeveennn enjoys exploring the city of Shanghai. She takes us to Shanghai Culture Square, cafes like Hungry Lung's Kitchen and down into the subway.

7. XIAOQIAN. XiaoQian takes us into the dark corners of Shanghai, past dilapidated crumbling homes, through the lanes of the hutongs and into the streets where the people of the city go about their daily tasks. A small girl flies a hello kitty kite in a meadow with tower block accommodation stretching up behind her, a woman carries a baby past a house with broken windows and two women chat outside a shop.

8. BRAD HALES. Brad bounces between CAPA cities Sydney and Shanghai, often posting to his Instagram feed multiple times per day. Follow him for delicious looking dumplings, burning incense sticks and laundry draped across a row of cars parked along the side of the road. He takes us to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, juxtaposes old and new architecture in a single image and shares everyday photos of urban life.

9. ZHANG YANG. A Singaporean in Shanghai, Zhang Yang loves exploring the city photographing scenes along the way like a hutong being revamped by a team of construction workers, the beautiful green of Fuxing Island Park and a table full of pastries at Farine Bakery. You'll see a lone walker caught in the shadows, a shop display piled with just about everything and a glimpse inside the Power Station of Art.

10. SHANGHAI GIRL. This Instagram feed is all about food. From a short video of a box with closeups of six flavors of mooncake cookies to crab roe tofu to duck liver creme brûlée with raisin compote to goose liver with jelly and dragon fruit, Shanghai Girl's tastes are wide-ranging and her photographs make you hungry even if you're not so sure you'd be brave enough to try what she is eating!

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