3 Steps I Took to Arrive in the Big City of London

Aug 6, 2018 3:30:00 PM / by Ryan Crotty

Ryan Crotty

Ryan is an official CAPA blogger, sharing her story on CAPA World. A Graphic Design major at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, she is studying abroad in London.

In her first post, Ryan outlines 3 important steps she took to make it from her home in the US to her study abroad accommodation in London safely—with a couple of flights and a layover in Iceland in between.


Studying abroad is a very big and exciting decision. When I first thought about all the places I would want to go, I deeply considered many options. But nothing stood out to me as much as London did. I loved hearing about the diverse experiences people have had in London. A city of many cultures and people, I was sure this would be the right choice for me. Several months after that decision, I found myself packing my bags and preparing to head out for the biggest adventure of my life.

Transferring During My Layover in IcelandTransferring during my layover in Iceland. It's beautiful there!

To step back and review how I got here, and how traveling to London went, I’ll first talk about my process of arriving in the city. There were three main aspects to my travel: flying, passing through the border, and transportation to my residence. I was feeling very nervous that I would mess something up in my travels, but I stayed calm and thought about how great it would be once I got there!

Step 1: Flying

London is a very expensive city. That being said, for me to go on this wonderful adventure, I had to make sure I budgeted correctly before leaving. That meant choosing a different option for my flight. With the help of my parents, we could find a more affordable option, by flying with Iceland Air. I was a little nervous to fly on my own, but was reassured by many family members and friends that Iceland’s airport was small and I would find my way. (Below are some images I took while flying and transferring in Iceland! It was beautiful there!)

Boarding Iceland AirBoarding my flight on Iceland Air.

Sure enough, the advice I was given came to be true. Iceland Air was wonderful; the service was great and I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I was able to transfer in Iceland, and get on my next plane, the plane that would be headed to LONDON!!! I could not contain my excitement! I finished up my second flight and got off the plane, I was ready to learn how to take the tube, but first had to pass through the border.

Step 2: Passing Through the Border

CAPA was great with their arrival instructions, and I was all prepared to pass through the border security into London. I had my UK Letter from CAPA for academics and my passport, and I was prepared to pass through. I waited in the line for a while and then finally could take my turn. I got through in about 40 minutes after waiting in the line and was eager to get on the transportation to my new home for the next 6 weeks.

Step 3: Taking the Transportation to My New Home

Waiting for the TubeWaiting to get on the tube.

After making it through the border, I picked up my luggage and got a ticket to Victoria station, to ride the tube (underground). I was able to find the station after my first ride on my transportation and felt a bit more relaxed. While looking out the window I felt so sure that I was going to love it, in this new city. I could see the many different areas of the city and could not wait to get settled and go explore.

On My First Tube RideA photo I took while on the tube. I was amazed already by London's lovely aesthetic!

Once I arrived at my residence and put all my clothes and items away, I sat down and smiled. I had made it!! I felt so thankful that I had made it to this point and couldn’t wait to see what was to come throughout the program.

I hope you follow along on all my continued adventures, to see all the beautiful things London has in store!!

Thanks, Ryan!

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