5 Must-Visit Spots in the Recoleta Neighborhood of Buenos Aires

May 22, 2019 11:46:00 AM / by Shivani Pandya

In a vibrant neighborhood filled with a multitude of things to do, Shivani has curated a list of 5 spots you simply have to visit in Recoleta. This list will take you somewhere sweet, eerie,! Whether you want to grab a bite or get lost in a tourist attraction, let yourself be free and explore this part of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires consists of approximately 48 different neighborhoods. Some of these are super small, and some are very large and well known. I currently reside in Recoleta. Recoleta is the more affluent part of town and is filled with cafes, parks, and little furniture/clothing boutiques. Below is a list of some of my favorite spots in this wonderful neighborhood:

1. La Empanadería

EmpanadasA variety of empanadas I got before my class.

This empanadas shop is located on Arenales and sells yummy and cheap empanadas and medialunas. There is usually a line outside of the door around lunchtime, since so many people stop by. And for good reason too—the selection of empanadas is great. There are multiple vegetarian and meat options and all of them are pretty delicious. They have flavors such as chicken, beef, corn, broccoli and cheese, onion and cheese, pumpkin, etc... If I want to grab something quick and affordable, I always just stop by here. I mean, who can go wrong with empanadas?!

2. The Recoleta Cemetery

CemeteryThe Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires houses some of Argentina's late elites.

This cemetery is not a normal cemetery—it's filled with large and beautiful tombs of the most elite and famous of Buenos Aires. It is a large tourist attraction, so it is not really a spot where locals are seen walking in as much. However, it is a tourist attraction FOR A REASON—it is super beautiful and you can get lost easily winding through the different tombstones. It does have a kind of creepy vibe to the whole thing though; you are literally walking through a cemetery filled with dead Argentines. Eerie, but cool.

3. Sasha

SashaA collection of sweets at Sasha.

This sweets shop/cafe is a blessing a curse. Sasha has a selection of sweets on a table right by the window, so it is sooo tempting to head in every time I pass it. Their pastries, apple pies, and other tarts are hands down some of the best I’ve had in Buenos Aires. It is quite a small place filled with little couches lining the walls and a few people working. I love stopping by after class to treat myself to a yummy treat.

4. The Recoleta Cultural Center

Mural in the CenterA mural in the Recoleta Cultural Center.

This place is so fun to visit on a random day to study, walk around, take pictures, hang out with friends, or relax. There’s a small cafe inside with snacks and a sitting area inside and outside for people usually studying and reading. It is also filled with different art and murals that are worth checking out. My favorite room is the “relaxation room”, which is just a room with a bunch of hills of carpet that people run around and lay on.

5. Buller

BullerRandom shenanigans on the rooftop at Buller.

This rooftop bar has a great view of the cemetery and great music. They usually play older mainstream pop songs, and, honestly, it is so fun to be in that atmosphere… I don’t think I would hear any of those songs at any bar in the US anymore and it makes it that much better. They also have a great selection of local beer to taste, as well as food and smaller appetizers.

Thanks, Shivani!

Shivani Pandya


Shivani Pandya is an official CAPA blogger for spring 2019, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Bioinformatics major at University of Pittsburgh, she is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this semester.

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