5 Reasons to Attend CAPA’s Global Education Workshop in Shanghai

Jan 11, 2020 11:15:00 AM / by Institutional Relations Team

Calling all institutions!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for your students to study abroad in Shanghai? Join CAPA in Shanghai at our Global Education Workshop to get a firsthand look at what this incredible city has to offer.

Global Education Workshop in Shanghai


As a participant in this 5-day workshop, you will analyze and explore Shanghai, much like your students will, while gaining insight into CAPA’s approach to teaching the city. Over the course of this workshop, we will also work with you to discuss the programs that best suit your institution’s needs.

Why Should I Attend the Global Education Workshop in Shanghai?

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We understand that there's a lot to think about between students and their overall experience abroad. With that in mind, we have picked out the top 5 reasons for you to attend the Global Education Workshop in Shanghai.

1. CAPA student learning and development outcomes: Experience how CAPA’s student learning and development outcomes frame our programming in the megacity of Shanghai.

2. CAPA students, staff, and faculty: Meet with current students and the dedicated CAPA staff and faculty that support them. Tour the beautiful East China Normal University campus—known as the Garden University for a reason!

3. Cultural immersion: Discover immersive aspects of CAPA’s Shanghai program such as My Global City events, Chinese roommates, language partners, and program assistants that help lead excursions to Beijing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou.

4. Internships: Visit our internship placements, which range from business and marketing to the arts and education, and are offered during both the summer and semesters. Shanghai students have also enjoyed professional development opportunities through various networking events.

5. Customized programs: Learn more about how to design and lead your own customized programs, and how together we can make the city of Shanghai your students' next classroom.

See What Past Participants Have to Say

CAPAStudyAbroad_2015_Shanghai_Global Education Workshop_Nora Larkin - Bund

“I now have a better understanding of the CAPA approach, particularly the intentionality. That is what sets CAPA apart, and that is why we are interested” —2018 Shanghai Workshop participant

"To see the program model in action was incredibly valuable [and] I left a better advisor." - 2016 Shanghai Workshop participant

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Shanghai_From Colin Speakman - Shanghai Starbucks Outlet

“Everything that was included in this Workshop was valuable to me. I learned so much and the importance of why our students need to travel abroad to China.” —2015 Shanghai Workshop participant

Where Can I Find More Information?

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Wondering about workshop inclusions and pricing? You can find out more information here or contact your CAPA Institutional Relations Manager with any questions.

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