5 Tips for Using Public Transportation in Any City

Jul 27, 2017 12:30:00 PM / by Regan Charie

Sometimes when you're headed to a new city, you're so excited to get there that you forget to figure how to get around town. It can be challenging to find the most time effective method of getting from one place to another without breaking your bank. We've compiled five tips that will  help you figure out the best way to use public transportation and discover your new city!


1. Do your research

Often times the internet is a great resource to figure out where you are going, and whether you’ll have to take a bus, train, subway, or taxi to get to your destination. Google Maps has recently added transit mode to their app, which makes it really easy to get around any major city. Try and do some research about bus and subway routes before arriving in your new city.

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2. Ask a local

Although the internet is very helpful, there's nothing like asking a local user of public transportation who uses it every day. Find someone who is a regular traveler on the cities’ public transportation, and ask them about the ins-and-outs of the system. Although they may not be able to help with your individual route, they will certainly have tips and tricks that will help you avoid delays and ensure a speedy commute.

3. Don’t get worried when you take a mistake

It’s inevitable that you’ll mess up at least once; whether you get off at the wrong stop or take the wrong bus, it’s important not to get stressed. You’ll always be able to get where you're going even if it costs you a little more money. Use your little mishap as a learning experience. Were you confused before you left? Should you have been more prepared? Did you fall asleep on the subway? Ask these questions to yourself so that you don’t get lost again!

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4. Prioritize money vs time

Whenever you take public transportation you have to figure out if you have more money to spend or more time. There are so many options when traveling, but the two most opposite are walking (free but time consuming) or taking a plane (expensive but fast). Between these two extremes you have a variety of options that will get you from one place to another. If you have some time before you have to arrive somewhere it may be worth walking to save some money. If you are late to a class, try using a taxi instead of the train. It may be quicker but it will cost you more. Each situation is different, so use your best judgment to figure out if you’d rather spend more or less.

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5. Get in to a routine

Once you figure out the best way to get around you won’t even have to think about what you're doing. The first week or two may be a struggle, but over time you will be traveling your city with no problem at all! After you have figured out the best way to get to and from wherever you need to go you can start to have fun with it! If you have extra time or money, try taking a new way to get to wherever it is you are going. You’ll not only learn more about the cities’ public transportation, but you’ll also see more parts of the city.

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