50 Buenos Aires Quotes We Love

Sep 20, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

We often find inspiration from the words of others. And most certainly wanderlust. And sometimes nostalgia. Even motivation. We've gathered 50 of our favorite quotes about Buenos Aires below and hope they'll move you too. 

50 Perfect Quotes About Buenos Aires

1. "Buenos Aires is easily one of the most stylish cities in the world with its eclectic collection of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm." - Ben Elliot

2. "Buenos Aires has remained the cultural heart of Argentina, shaping much of the country’s identity through education, art, publishing, and locally produced television shows, advertising, radio programs, and movies." - (source)

3. "Ole, ole ole, ole. The most thrilling and visceral experience of any visit to Buenos Aires is probably donning a fluffy blue and yellow hat and bouncing along with the tribal fanatics of Maradona's beloved team." - (source)

4. "Buenos Aires has been graced with superlatives during its reign as South America's leading city: 'the Paris of the South,' 'the most European city in South America,' 'Manhattan in the southern hemisphere.' All of these are justified. But I prefer to interpret its great author and native son Jorge Luis Borges - Buenos Aires itself is a superlative." - (source

5. "I am completely enamored with the city of Buenos Aires. Is there a word for loving something, finding it beautiful and completely unique, just for being what it is?" - CAPA Buenos Aires alumna Joy Jones

6. "Without the streets or dusks of Buenos Aires, a tango cannot be written." - Jorge Luis Borges

7. "When walking along the wide avenues and cobblestone streets of Buenos Airesbarrios, it’s almost impossible not to notice the fascinating array of architecture laid out before you." - (source)

8. "Meat, pizza, meat, meat, pizza. That was all we heard about BA before arriving, but it turns out that the people [also] have a healthy attitude towards meatless meals!" - (source)

9. "The two cities I've found very hard to leave in my life were New York and Buenos Aires." - JJ Feild

10. It has all the elegance of the old world, in its buildings and streets, and in its people all the vulgarity and frank good health of the new world. All the news - stands and bookshops – what a literate place, one thinks; what wealth, what good looks.” - Paul Theroux, The Old Patagonian Express

50 Perfect Quotes About Buenos Aires

11. "To see graffiti and murals is an unavoidable daily occurrence. Public art enriches the already stimulating urban landscape that is the streets of Buenos Aires. The images change frequently; the walls of the city are constantly curated. Sometimes street art surprises for its completeness or repulses for its vulgarity or garishness. Pedestrians ponder the difference between art and graffiti, the definition of art itself and its perpetual evolution. If there is such a thing as evolution." - (source)

12. "Even though you find yourself in a city of nearly 13 million inhabitants, you have a feeling of being at home. It's as if the city opens its arms and says: 'This is me; come explore.'" - Sanja Hurem

13. "The Tango is the natural pulse of Buenos Aires." - Leopoldo Marechal

14. "You see, Argentina's capital is a city for your inner flâneur. One does not need to rush from site to site in the quest for iconic photos or tourist tat; to wander through its uniquely beautiful streets or sit at a pavement side coffee shop and simply watch is to gain the greatest understanding and experience of what makes this place so incredible." - (source

15. "Seductive and cultured, sophisticated yet earthy, eclectic but with a strong identity, it never bores, seldom sleeps and invariably mesmerizes its visitors." - (source)

16. "The city and its people are a study in contrasts: European sensibilities and Latin American passion; wide boulevards and cobblestone alleys; steamy tango and romping rock and roll; sidewalk cafés and soccer fanatics." - (source)

17. "Living in Buenos Aires, I had one of the best experiences of my life. I often hear that people from Buenos Aires can oftentimes be racist to people of color. Conversely, not once in the four and a half months that I was there did I ever have an unpleasant experience in regards to my race. “Que onda, negro? Como andas?” was one of the many ways my friends greeted me daily." - CAPA Buenos Aires alum Delonte Egwuatu

18. "The essence of Buenos Aires is taking coffee at a barrio café watching the world saunter by or browsing the latest exhibit at a hip gallery before lingering over a three-hour lunch." - (source)

19. "The city has a buzz all of its own, derived from its heady juxtaposition of faded, dusty elegance and edgy, flash modernity." - (source)

20. "Until I experienced it for myself, I didn’t fully understand its captivating and electrifying personality. Buenos Aires is more than just a sprawling capital city." - (source)

50 Perfect Quotes About Buenos Aires

21. "Buenos Aires is a great city for the visitor who enjoys a bit of hip, a bit of grit and a whole lot of street art." - (source)

22. "It’s very European in that lots-of-beautiful-people-idling-away-sipping-espressos-at-cafes kind of way, but the REAL magic of the city lies in the Latin passion that pulses through its veins. The Argentine “all-or-nothing” approach to food, life, love, and art is infectious – it just has a way of pulling you in." - (source)

23. "Buenos Aires is a city which will win your heart, and once you visit you'll never want to leave." - (source)

24. I miss the museums of Buenos Aires. I would walk by one seemingly every couple of blocks and plan to stop in later. I miss the street art. There was always a thought-provoking piece or two no matter where I walked. I miss the parks. There was almost a dozen within walking distance from my homestay. I miss all the old buildings. The architecture impressed me more each day. I miss all the activity. There were always a thousand different things going on every day. I miss the food." - CAPA Buenos Aires alum Tommy Sullivan

25. "The lasting impression that Buenos Aires leaves on anyone who has lived here is one of affection. It’s a city where anyone (whether local or not) can garner friendships." - (source)

26. "Buenos Aires is a city that needs an exclamation point after its name. And maybe all caps. BUENOS AIRES! seems to capture the city’s exuberant, exhausting, and beautiful urban buzz." - (source)

27. "For all its chaos, Argentina is a country that lures foreign visitors in, enticing them subtly, slowly but surely, to stay a little longer – sometimes even forever." - (source)

28. "Buenos Aires. I'm new, I wanna say I'm just a little stuck on you. And if ever I go too far, it's because of the things you are. Beautiful town, I love you." - Madonna

29. "November is autumn’s sad finale in Europe, but in Argentina’s beautiful capital it’s glorious spring. At this time of year Buenos Aires wears jacaranda like a feather boa, its broad, stately avenues given a festive air by the trees’ unmistakable blossom." - (source)

30. "Argentina is a place of two halves or, more accurately, of swirling fragments that together form a beating dynamic of Spanish colonization, jungle tribalism, Andean cheekbones, chilled Quilmes, all-pervading politics and an insatiable, almost religious, dedication to caramelized sugar and milk, or dulce de leche." - (source)

50 Perfect Quotes About Buenos Aires

31. "If you enjoy hanging out in cafes that have probably had the same waiters since the 1980s, exploring quiet cobble-street neighborhoods, buying from the best shops in South America, and licking ice creams that put the Italians to shame, then you’ll love it here." - (source)

32. "No, I have not been everywhere in the world, but I cannot imagine it gets any better than Buenos Aires." - (source)

33. "As a burgeoning capital city with hundreds of years of history and culture, urban wanderers can easily lose themselves in many days of exploring this gorgeous city and highlight of South America." - (source)

34. "Buenos Aires seems to be a place where people come to figure their lives out." - (source)

35. "Buenos Aires is colorful, safe, and more intriguing than ever before." - (source)

36. "By spending more time in Buenos Aires I will also improve my Spanish even more, possibly to a level at which I could live and work in a bilingual position in the future. There are so many reasons for me to stay in Buenos Aires as being here has done nothing but benefit me." - CAPA Buenos Aires alumna Liz Hendry

37. "Larger than life, Buenos Aires never fails to fascinate travelers. [...] The magic of the city comes from its remarkable diversity." - (source)

38. "Simply strolling the streets — especially in neighborhoods like San Telmo and Palermo — will make you feel like you’re wandering through a museum without walls as you take in endless murals and street paintings." (source)

39. "A trip to Buenos Aires is like a vibrant dance step that sparks our dynamic quest to study the past, appreciate our present and plan our future." - (source)

40. "Buenos Aires is easy to love, with its Old World architecture and charm, grand buildings, iconic monuments, tree-lined avenues, cobbled streets, café culture, and endless parks and green spaces, always filled with families and friends enjoying the time-out from buildings and concrete. Buenos Aires is both slow and fast. It’s modern yet seeping with old-world influences; proudly Argentine, yet also embracing of its rich immigrant history and diversity." - (source)

50 Perfect Quotes About Buenos Aires

41. "The Argentine metropolis, by turns moody and frenetic, is just as colorful as you’d expect—and porteños (its inhabitants) themselves are as notoriously proud and effortlessly hip as you’d imagine." - (source)

42. "Travelers are seekers--always in search of that one place that will captivate, get under your skin and enter your heart. Please don’t go to Buenos Aires unless you are ready to fall in love…" - (source)

43. "Buenos Aires is immense. It is an unbelievable city. [...] Buenos Aires is teaming with life. For a variety of political, socio-economic, and personal reasons, people come to Buenos Aires for opportunities." - CAPA Director of Pre-Departure Services Anne McDonnell

44. "Buenos Aires is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wild, totally diverse and perfectly going together." - (source)

45. "Wandering down promising-looking streets, peering into papered-up windows, the thrill of having found each startling splash of beauty amidst the concrete ruins. This, for me, is Buenos Aires. My Buenos Aires is not always the most elegant, the most convenient, or the most picturesque. My Buenos Aires is fierce and gritty, creative and neurotic, disturbing and seductive. Buenos Aires is a place where the reward is in the details, not the monuments. And someone who looks will always find cause for marvel." - (source)

46. "November is my favorite month in Buenos Aires. Spring is in the air, the air itself is the perfect temperature and most importantly, the Jacarandas are in bloom all over this beautiful city." - (source)

47. "A tango of generations, tradition and passion makes Buenos Aires an alluring place that you feel, not just visit. With one taste, the smell, the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires, it is all too easy to begin a lifelong love affair with this city." - (source)

48. "I love the energy Buenos Aires has day and night." - CAPA Buenos Aires Resident Director Monica Pagano

49. "As you stroll the city’s broad boulevards styled after the Champs Elysee, explore elegant belle époque architectural gems such as the Teatro Colon and Barolo building, or sip coffee in one of the landmarked 19th century coffee houses, you’d be forgiven if you fancied yourself in Europe rather than Latin America." - (source)

50. "It isn't the architecture you'll be drawn back to, the acres and acres of the city set aside for woods and parks, or the fabulous meals of traditional grilled meats. What will entice you is the Latin sizzle, the soul of the portenos, and the genuine warmth and humor of the people you'll meet. It will be the automatic camaraderie you feel at a sidewalk cafe (even if you don't speak Spanish), the thrill you get from watching a couple performing a tango on a San Telmo street corner, the smile of a child wearing a Boca Juniors T-shirt. Whatever it is, we promise: You'll be hooked." - (source)

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