6 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Studied Abroad in Florence

Dec 1, 2017 10:30:00 AM / by Irene Kanthan

CAPAStudyAbroad_Florence_Emily_Kearns_Column_Profile.jpgWords by Emily Kearns, a CAPA Florence study abroad alumna. Emily will be writing a column called "Remembering Florence" on CAPA World the first Friday of every month.

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Even though I’m constantly surrounded by study abroad for my job and by nature I think about it quite often, December is typically a time of the year where I’m very strongly reminded of my study abroad experience. Even though I left for Florence in January, the months leading up to my departure were quite memorable as well. December 2014 was filled with a ton of researching information about Florence, packing, and preparing mentally for what my life was going to be like for the following few months. Amongst all the craziness with preparing for my time abroad were the holidays, which tend to cause some stress (in a good way). With the holidays coming up, I wanted to share some gift ideas that any past, present or future Florence study abroad student would love to receive!        

        Florence Gift_Map of Florence.pngFlorence Gift_Map of Florence_2.png

Photo: Evelyn Henson and Etsy

1. Map of Florence

Maps are great, easy pieces to hang on any wall, and there are so many different variations that you’ll be able to find a color scheme/style that works for anybody.

Florence Gift_Framed Photo of Florence.pngPhoto: society6

2. Framed Photo of Florence

I always love looking at pictures from study abroad, and like the map prints, these can give any dorm room or apartment a bit of a sentimental touch. I have several pictures of Florence in my room and I love being reminded of my time there! To add a more personal touch to the gift, get a picture developed that the recipient of the gift took and find a nice frame for it.

    Florence Gift_Notebook_2.pngFlorence Gift_Notebook_1.png

Photo: Zazzle and Redbubble

3. Notebooks

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about getting a brand new notebook that makes me so happy. And I’d certainly love to receive one with a picture of my favorite city on it! Since most people use notebooks daily (either at work or for school), this would be a great gift because every time the recipient uses it, they’ll be reminded of the amazing city of Florence.

Florence Gift_Mug.pngPhoto: Evelyn Henson

4. Mugs

All the coffee and tea lovers will be thrilled to receive a mug with a photo/print of their study abroad host city! If the person you’re giving the gift to isn’t a coffee or tea drinker, you can always find another type of cup/glass.

Florence Gift_Jewelry.pngPhoto: Etsy

5. Jewelry

Most girls are fans of jewelry that has a meaning behind it, and one of the most meaningful experiences of their life will be study abroad. So for the Florence alum, it’s only fitting that they receive a piece of jewelry that will remind them of their time there. No matter what type of jewelry they prefer, you’re bound to find something.

      Florence Gift_Ornament_2.png
Photo: Etsy

6. Ornaments

Personally, I’m a huge fan of ornaments that have some sort of meaning or memory associated with it, and I would argue that most people tend to feel the same way. With so many different types/styles of ornaments, you’ll be able to find one for just about anybody!

As each individual has their own style, so do these items, which makes it that much easier to find the perfect gift for the perfect person!

Thanks Emily!

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