A Day in the Life of a CAPA Sydney Student

Oct 5, 2018 9:34:00 AM / by Lorenzo Corazzin

In this week's post, Lorenzo discusses his daily routine in Sydney, from waking up, going to his internship and classes, to spending evenings with his new friends!

As a student and intern in Australia, many different things happen on a regular basis and especially being in a city like Sydney, my daily life is somewhat unpredictable. However, I have still developed a routine that is more or less regular across weekdays. Given the similarities between the United States and Australia it is not hard to have the same lifestyle you have at home.


On a weekday from Monday to Thursday I wake up between 7 and 9 am depending on what I have that day. If I have class or a work meeting I will wake up on the earlier side of that range. If I just have to work remotely, I keep my alarm for 8:30-9. The experience is not the same for every CAPA student as I know other kids have a longer commute and have to wake up very early in the morning.  For classes, there is no need for transportation as it is a five minute walk from the accommodation. After breakfast I try to be as productive as possible and knock out at least two to three of the most important tasks of the day. I use self-imposed time limits to help me get more work done.

Building Near CAPA CenterOn my way to the CAPA Center, just a 5 minute walk from our accomodation!

Outside the CAPA CenterEntrance to the CAPA Center.


I like cooking or preparing lunch at home, usually some pasta, a sandwich or a salad, if I am eating outside I will probably get a coffee too. Whether in class or at work, in America or in Australia, it is always hard for me to be productive during the early afternoon. I try to complete tasks that don’t require much thinking and if I am in class I will try to engage with the discussion to avoid zoning out.

UTSCool Buildings at University of Technology Sydney.


At around 5 I am usually done with my main activities for the day and I try to go to the gym and workout, take a walk to the park, or hang out with my flat mates. Sometimes I take my time to go grocery shopping and cook a fresh dinner. After dinner, if I don’t have any homework for the day, I hang around in the living room where most of the people who live here end up in the evening. We play video games, watch movies, listen to music and sometimes go out. The people with the CAPA program are friendly and there will be no shortage of fun times while in Sydney.

View From AccomodationsView of Sydney at night from our flat.

In the end, there are not many differences from my life as a college student in America and the one in Australia. If you are a person who can adapt easily then you will probably end up doing the things you like or want to do in any place you are. I would say that the real difference is actually what activities and places are accessible in the weekend. Back in Arizona it might be easier to spend the weekend on the poolside eating some good Mexican food but maybe a little harder to go to the beach and take ferries across the city.

Thanks, Lorenzo!

Lorenzo Corazzin

Lorenzo Corazzin is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2018, sharing his story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Global Studies major at the Arizona State University, he is studying abroad in Sydney this semester.

Lorenzo's journey continues every Friday so stay tuned.


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