A Day in the Life Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires

Jun 20, 2019 11:05:00 AM / by Sarah Williamson

Want to know what students who study abroad get up to on a regular day in Buenos Aires? Sarah gives us a play-by-play of a day in her life. Take a look at some of the activities she covers from eating to practicing Spanish.

9:00 Breakfast

Breakfast is a lighter meal—my host family always has toast, coffee, and fruit (and sometimes dulce de leche!).


9:30 Commute

In the mornings, I leave for my internship or my class. I either walk, take the bus, or the subway, depending on where I am going.


10:00 First Class

Our Analyzing and Exploring Buenos Aires class meets outside sometimes to go on walks throughout the city. In this picture, we were at the Botanical Gardens.

Botanical Gardens

1:30 Lunchtime!

Empanadas are cheap and can be found everywhere, and cafe con leche is a staple. There are several cafes and lunch places within walking distance from CAPA.


2:15 Second Class

I am taking two classes and an internship, so depending on the day I will either have two classes, or a class and my internship. Today, I had my International Economics class. CAPA has classes at the University of Austral, only a 20ish-minute walk from my homestay.

University Austral

5:30 Walk Back Home

Because we have to fit so many hours into our schedules, classes can go pretty late. But, everything in Buenos Aires is later than in the States, and so it doesn’t feel as late as it would if we were in the US.

Street Commute

6:00 Homework and Relax

After I get home, I usually hang out in my room relaxing and doing homework. After a long day, it is nice to have a private place to come home to!


9:00 Dinner

Argentinians eat dinner very late compared to us, between 8-10pm. I eat dinner with my host family and get to practice my Spanish every day through conversation.

10:30 Goodnight!

After dinner, I either keep working on homework and prepare for the next day, or go out with friends to enjoy the Argentina nightlife.

Until tomorrow, Buenos Aires!

Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah Williamson


Sarah Williamson is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2019, sharing her story on CAPA World. An International Relations major at Samford University, she is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this summer.

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