A Dubliner's Guide to Donuts: Top 10 Places to Try

Nov 21, 2017 1:30:00 PM / by Irene Kanthan


Elizabeth is an official CAPA blogger for fall 2017, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Communication major at Lasell College, she is studying abroad in Dublin this semester.

In this week's post, Elizabeth lists the top 10 donut places to try in Dublin.


On the second day of living in Dublin, my friends and I wandered through the streets ready to explore what the city had to offer. When wandering down Grafton Street, we decided to walk up to a cute, aesthetically pleasing shop full of donuts. This was our first encounter with donuts in Dublin and since then we have made it our mission to explore the variety of donut shops the city has to offer. I ‘donut’ know about you, but it was difficult to choose which to start with. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite donut shops in Dublin (with ratings) for a donut lover.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Boomerang Donut-Boomerang Donut Logo.jpg

1. Boomerang - 4/10

When walking through city center, one frequently comes across Boomerang donuts. Located in stores such as Spar and Centra, these donuts are good for a quick bite.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Boomerang Donut-Ferrero Rocher flavor.jpgBoomerang Donut: Ferrero Rocher donut

The pop-up stand had a nice variety of flavors including the Ferrero Rocher flavor! The taste reminded me of the classic Dunkin Donuts treats from back home in the U.S.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Krust Bakery Donut selection.jpgKrust Bakery: Donut selection

2. Krust Bakery - 5/10

I pass Krust Bakery on my way to my internship and decided to stop one day. The store has a cute layout and had a nice variety of treats. Krust Bakery had donuts and cronuts available to purchase. The donuts here had simple topics but enough to balance out the taste of the donut itself.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Krust Bakery- My chocolate donut.jpgKrust Bakery: My chocolate donut

My friends and I decided to visit mid-day and most of the donuts were sold out! We recommend getting there early to try one of the many flavors.

3. Boston Donuts - 7/10

I experienced Boston Donuts when they were brought in for a group to share and I was surprised at how many creative and fun flavors there were. I sadly ‘donut’ have any photos from this experience but I can assure you the treats were fantastic! (sorry for the pun!) We sampled a variety from Orange to Boston Cream and Red Velvet. All the donuts were packed with flavors and a great mid-day snack!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Donuters- Donut selection.jpgDonuters: Donut selection

4. Donuters - 7/10

When arriving in Donuters, you are immediately met with donut puns and clever flavor titles. From ‘I’m Jammin’ to ‘Coconutter,’ the flavors range for anyone’s taste. They have donuts for chocolate and fruit and everything in between. I tried the coconut flavor and frosting was delicious!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - OffBeat Donut Co- the donut selection.jpgOff Beat Donut Co: Donut selection

5. Off Beat Donut Co. - 7.5/10

We stopped in a store called Fresh on Camden Street and found a counter dedicated to Off Beat Donut Co. The donut company has a storefront in city center, but this location was close to our dorms. These donuts were delicious and had decadent decorations.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - OffBeat Donut Co- My chocolate sprinkles donut.jpgOff Beat Donut Co.: My chocolate sprinkles donut

Although there were beautiful topping such as a toasted meringue and Halloween themed designs, I decided to try a traditional chocolate sprinkles donut. There was a delightful ratio of frosting to chocolate that made this treat a delicious snack.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Anngier Danger- the clever donut names and flavors.jpgAungier Danger: The clever donut names and flavors

6. Aungier Danger 8/10

Aungier Danger is one of the most hipster donut locations in donuts in Dublin. They have an edgy, playful theme on ‘stranger danger.’ The store was decorated with edgy fonts and clever donut titles. I chose the Assaulted Caramel donut and it was absolutely delicious. There was a lovely balance of salt and caramel. Perfect for a late night treat (if they are not sold out!)

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Mr. Donuts The coconut and almond flavored donuts .jpegMr. Donut: The coconut and almond flavored donuts

7. Mr. Donut - 8.5/10

This quaint shop is located on Parnell Street and is a hidden gem in Dublin. Most of donuts had lovely fillings that were dispensed throughout the entire pastry. The donuts’ fluff was high and the tastes were delicate. On our journey, we tried the coconut filling and almond flavored. The taste of the donuts were refreshing, the perfect level of sweetness.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Rolling Donuts- the wide selection of flavors.jpgRolling Donuts: The wide selection of flavors.

8. Rolling Donuts - 9.8/10

Rolling Donuts is by far the BEST donut shop we have found in Dublin. My friends and I have all tried a variety of donut flavors and all were absolutely incredible. My personal favorite is the Maple Bacon donut. This treat has the perfect combination of sweet and savory which balances to a perfect donut.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Rolling Donuts- the Maple Bacon donut.jpg
Rolling Donuts: The maple bacon donut aka perfection.

9. Rolling Donuts - (Yes, again)

I had to include this place twice because we have visited this shop multiple times. The flavors and dough are so delightful. Other favorites have included the jelly, banoffee, and Nutella. I would highly recommend stopping at one of the two locations in Dublin when visiting the city!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Meet Me In The Morning- Espresso Glazed Donuts was absolutely FANTASTIC.jpegMeet Me in the Morning: The espresso glazed donut that happened to be FANTASTIC!

10. Meet Me in the Morning - 10/10

Now this is the number 1 donut I have had while in Dublin. It is from a cafe, Meet Me in the Morning, which is located a block over from Camden St. This lovely cafe has a small variety of treats made fresh in the kitchen on site. When discovering this shop I noticed there was an Espresso Glazed Donut, and before I knew it my world was changed. Every aspect of this donut, the glaze, flavor, consistency, and the dough, worked perfectly and melted in your mouth. It was a traditional homemade donut that I would recommend to any donut lover. This is a place not to miss!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall2017_Dublin_From Elizabeth Leahy - Rolling Donuts- Group Donut Shot.jpgRolling Donuts: A group donut shot featuring my favorite Maple Bacon donut.

Throughout my time in Dublin, my friends and I have searched high and low for the perfect donut shops. Although donuts are a newer trend, Dublin did not disappoint. After you notice one bakery, you soon realize there are donuts on almost every corner (not that I’m complaining!) I hope this list helped you narrow down the best places to grab a donut while in Dublin.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Elizabeth's journey continues every Tuesday so stay tuned.

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