A Final Reflection On My CAPA Remote Global Internship

Aug 11, 2021 10:30:00 AM / by Alyeea Turner

Alyeea Turner, a senior from Michigan State University, takes stock of her remote Ireland-based internship, her career goals, and six takeaways from the entire experience. She also leaves us with some key pieces of advice that'll help you in your own internship journey.

Alyeea Turner with Ruth Graham Design. Created by Ruth Graham.

Caption: Alyeea Turner with Ruth Graham Design. Created by Ruth Graham.

To those of you who have not read my previous blogs, allow me to reintroduce myself for my farewell blog. My name is Alyeea Turner, and I am from Flint, Michigan. I am a senior attending Michigan State University pursuing a major in Apparel and Textile Design as well as a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Over the past six weeks, I wrote about my Remote Global Internship placement and its location in Ireland, the history of the host country of my internship site, and my experience completing an internship abroad remotely.

What Influence Did My Internship Have On My Career Goals?

Honestly, my internship hasn’t necessarily heavily influence on my occupational goals. Since the 7th grade I knew what career I wanted to pursue. Throughout my years as a university student, I have further expanded on the specific goals that I aspire to accomplish within the fashion design field. I would still like to pursue an occupation as an apparel designer in addition to becoming a sustainable apparel entrepreneur, personal stylist, and non-profit organizer. I may even write here and there since I enjoy writing. However, my summer internship has further motivated me to work harder to pursue a career within the apparel design industry, accomplish my goals in the apparel industry, and accomplish my overall goals related to community building. 

My goals include actively pursuing apparel design while creating unique apparel designs, becoming an entrepreneur, and establishing my own apparel brand with a focus of sustainability, style, and quality fabric and construction. I began wanting to own a large apparel brand. However, I learned a lot about the negative effects of large apparel brands regarding a lack of environmentally friendly practices, unsafe working environments, inequity, and forced labor. With my apparel brand, I would like to refrain from any practices that will harm the environment, or any employees; meaning that it will be a bit more costly, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

6 Takeaways from My Remote Global Internship

A glimpse of my site supervisor’s website. Ruth Graham, Ruth Graham Design.

Caption: A glimpse of my site supervisor’s website: Ruth Graham, Ruth Graham Design

1. Working remotely requires a lot of focus. Creating your own schedule will feel a bit odd, and in addition to that it is very easy to become distracted.

2. I had to take some time to figure out what worked and didn’t work for my schedule and remember that what worked for others wasn’t necessarily the best method for me. 

3. Closed mouths don’t get fed. This is an old saying but it is very true. If there is something you want it is up to you to go for it and with the help of your site supervisor, you will get it.

4. Everything takes time, and rushing will not speed up the process of the goals you would like to accomplish. Take your time.

5. Asking questions is a must. Personally, I ask a lot of questions if I don’t fully understand something.

6. Establishing a good relationship with your site supervisor and team is very beneficial. Your site supervisor may be able to connect you to peers working in your field.

A glimpse of the documents I used and created during my internship.

Caption: A glimpse of the documents I used and created during my internship.

Final Advice

Google Calendar in the Google Play/Apple AppStore.

Caption: Google Calendar in the Google Play/Apple AppStore.

1. Set aside time for yourself. All work all of the time will only lead to stress and burnout, which is not fun. 

2. In addition to setting aside time for yourself, don’t over-indulge in free time. 

3. If needed, go old school and purchase a planner to write out your schedule, or use a paper calendar. Or, utilize calendar and reminder apps.

4. Try to get as much as you can out of your internship during your time there.

5. Try to learn as much as you can about your host country. 

6. Track your progress. If you don’t, you will be unsure of the growth you experienced throughout your internship and struggle to update your resume.

To everyone that has been reading my blogs, I just wanted to say thank you! I really enjoyed writing blogs for you all and I hope I helped you and provided some useful tips and advice!

Thanks, Alyeea!

Michaela Clarke

Alyeea Turner is an official Remote CAPA blogger for summer 2021, sharing her story in frequent posts on CAPA World. An Apparel and Textile Design major from Michigan State University, she is remotely interning abroad in Dublin this summer.

Alyeea's journey continues all semester so stay tuned.

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