A Letter to Future CAPA Dublin Students

Aug 12, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Stephanie Sadler

CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2016_From_Sun-Joong_Kim-171724-edited.jpgWords by Sun-Joong Kim, an accounting major at the University of Florida who studied abroad in Dublin during summer 2016.

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Hi there! I’m Sun-Joong, and I am about to finish my study abroad experience in Dublin, Ireland. My experience has been a wonderful one for me to take. There have been ups and downs, but I’m here to offer you some tips on traveling to Dublin, and study abroad in general.


Now some of you may have to (or choose to) do an internship as part of your study abroad. For those of you who do, my advice is to do your best at your work, and don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor(s) for advice if you need tips. Also, remember that completing an internship abroad will look really good on your resume. In addition, your internship may not match your expectations, but even so, you can manage through your time there. Completing your internship will allow you to gain work experience and skills that will help you in the future.

Places to visit in Ireland

In Ireland, there are many unique places to visit such as Howth, Bray, Cork, Blarney Castle, and so forth. Those places are excellent to visit because they have beautiful scenery. Also, at Blarney Castle, visitors have the chance to kiss the Blarney Stone. One tip I can give is that at Blarney Castle, you can explore the surrounding area in addition to kissing the Blarney Stone. Another place to visit is the Guinness Storehouse where you can explore how Guinness is made. But one activity I highly recommend is watching the Riverdance if you can because the Riverdance is an awesome show and one of a kind. If you can, do these activities with other people to enjoy them better and you'll develop new friendships.


Blarney Castle


European Travels

Another activity I highly recommend is traveling to nearby countries. Studying abroad in Dublin will give you an excellent chance to explore nearby European countries. I suggest finding cheap flights through companies such as Ryanair. The service is just adequate enough for Ryanair. I highly recommend London because that city has a lot of unique landmarks. Also, if you have friends in other European nations, I highly recommend visiting them.

King’s Cross Station

Chillin' with friends studying abroad in London!

Platform 9 and ¾!!!

Gator chompin alongside R2-D2 at Star Wars Celebration!


Another vital aspect to talk about is friends because study abroad is a wonderful chance to make friends. I did so easily with the people from the same college I am from, the University of Florida. #GoGators. By making friends, you can have wonderful experiences together and support one another. For me, making friends has been one of the best aspects of my study abroad experience, and that aspect can be for you too.

Hanging with friends in London!

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, study abroad is a once in a lifetime experience to go through. You can get the opportunity to make new friends, travel to unique places, and grow as a person by undergoing different experiences and developing new skills. To those of you studying abroad, be proud of this opportunity, and I wish you luck in your future travels!

Thanks Sun-Joong!

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