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A London Internship with emc3 in the Events and Experience Industry

Oct 4, 2018 12:30:00 PM / by Ryan Crotty

Ryan Crotty

Ryan is an official CAPA blogger, sharing her story on CAPA World. A Graphic Design major at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, she is studying abroad in London.

In today's post, Ryan talks about what her overall internship experience was like with emc3, a company specializing in events and experience, as well as the duties she carried out and how she found her place there.


While studying abroad in London for the summer, I have also had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an internship as well! Throughout the past weeks, I interned with emc3. emc3 is in the events industry and they work hard each day in areas of talent, design, marketing, and events. Their incredible work is what truly makes them “Experience Architects.” I have learned so much from the wonderful atmosphere they have at emc3. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming, and the office environment makes interning feel creative and new.

Inside the emc3 Office

The office is very modern and stunning to work in; with big windows and large workspaces it feels so open and inviting. The walls are a classic white with some pops of bright colors. There is always coffee available and a gorgeous table in the center where we all meet for lunch to catch up on how the day is going. I love the community they create in the office, and how they use color to evoke positivity in the design of the office space! I just can’t say enough how fantastic emc3 is!

The Office Setup at emc3

Going back to my duties at emc3, I’ll talk a little bit about the things I have been able to complete! While I was interning there, I worked on many different tasks. I was part of the marketing and design departments, which gave me an insight into the different sides of promotion. As I study Graphic Design at my university back home, interning in both these areas has been extremely beneficial, and has helped me to see more of what I am interested in and where I want to take my career in the future. Each day I helped and worked with my supervisor on various items such as social media research and potential client research. I normally started my day with this research, and then I completed some other daily tasks such as getting mail or other office jobs. After that the day can go in many directions; I have been able to work on slideshares or visual imagery and writing, as well as some rebrand tasks, and new social media ideas. I have also been able to help with other social posts and design when needed.

Boarding the Train to Intern at emc3

I think through what I've done, I have helped the office move on to new things, allowing them more time to complete newer tasks. I have been able to complete some of the work that they may not have as much time to complete, which has helped them to reach more people in their promotion and marketing areas. I feel as though they were confident in the work I did as I have also been able to reach out to more people over social media, thus increasing knowledge about emc3 as well.

On the Way to Intern at emc3

Overall, I think this internship has helped me immensely for my future in Graphic Design and for how to work in a professional setting! I feel so grateful for the opportunity to intern at emc3. I have learned more about myself and how I can be the best I can be each day in an office. I am thankful that I chose to do an internship and that CAPA offers this incredible program!

Thanks, Ryan!

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