A Neighborhood Tour Around Goldhawk and Shepherd's Bush

Jul 30, 2018 10:30:00 AM / by Alice Ding

Alice Ding

Alice Ding is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2018, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Computer Science and Marketing major at Northeastern University, she is studying abroad in London this semester.

In this week's post, Alice shows us around her neighborhood in Goldhawk, along with the amenities, shopping, and dining options that are conveniently nearby.



It's more than just the name of a Tube station or road for me, it was my home away from home for my study abroad adventure. After hours of exploring the city, learning in class, or just doing whatever students abroad do, coming home to my flat in the quiet, quaint area of Shepherd’s Bush was more than welcoming and home-y enough for me.

Sainsbury's Local in Goldhawk
The gate leading to our flat and the closest grocery store: Sainsbury's Local.
Quiet convenient, isn't it? Right next door!

Goldhawk has some fantastic amenities nearby. From a grocery store being to our right, one of London’s amazing markets being on our left as well as Tube station and bus stop right out front, we truly were very lucky to be in such a convenient spot.

Shepherd's Bush Market in GoldhawkAnd to our left: Shepherd's Bush Market.

Open 6 days a week, Shepherd’s Bush was the place to go to buy anything from luggage to clothing to meat to fruit and vegetables. I personally bought all of my produce from the stand closest to the entrance, its prices much cheaper than those at Sainsbury’s or Tesco and the quality all the same (another grocery store nearby, only a 2-minute walk from the gate).

Produce Stand in Shepherd's Bush MarketThe produce stand!

Shepherd’s Bush Market was also known for some of its street food, ranging from falafels to fries to drinks to gelato. The Old Laundry Yard, a small gem that has recently opened its doors, is an up-and-coming new food hangout.

Entrance to Old Laundry Yard in Shepherd's Bush MarketThe entrance to the Old Laundry Yard, a small gem located in the middle of Shepherd's Bush Market.

While there was only a small selection of booths to choose from during my time in London, they’re looking for new vendors everyday and seems to be capable of becoming the newest, hottest street food hub in West London!

A Park in GoldhawkThe park, complete with a playscape for kids and lots and lots of green.

Our flat was also close to a large patch of beautiful green, a mini-park if you will, located only a few blocks away. There was a huge fair held here during our time in London, complete with rides and games and food, and any time the sun was out, there was sure to be several people lounging out on its beautiful, green grass.

Best Fish and Chips at Kerbisher & Malt in GoldhawkKerbisher & Malt: best fish and chips...ever.

For the best spot to get fish and chips, a signature English dish, I highly recommend Kerbisher & Malt. At only a 7-minute walk from the flat (in between the Goldhawk and Hammersmith Tube stations), it was by far the best version of fish and chips I had eaten during my time in the UK. The chips were crispy, the fish was tender, and they provided a variety of sauces to dip both fried foods in that made everything just melt in my mouth!

An Entrance to Westfield LondonOne of the entrances to Westfield.

The last spot on this photo tour was the best spot for shopping, food, movies, fitness, and more. Westfield London, a 15-minute walk away or two tube stops away, was the first spot I walked to every morning for its gym located on the third floor. At almost 2,000,000 square feet, this huge mall had over 300 stores, including the amazing Primark, and gets hundreds of visitors everyday. I couldn’t even scratch the surface of the potential that this mall had during my time in London and as someone who loves to shop and explore (there’s even a spot for mini golf here that I didn’t find until my second-to-last day!), I enjoyed every minute spent in Westfield.

Gold Hawk Road Tube StationThe view from our gate: Gold Hawk Road Station right across the street!

When in a foreign country, the idea of ‘home’ is skewed. Is it where you sleep at night? Is it where your family is? Is it where you live for most of the year? I personally tend to associate it with the first choice and Goldhawk was that and more for me. It’s where a majority of my friends lived, it’s where I spent my evenings just watching British TV, talking with my roommates, and video calling friends and family. It was quiet at night, perfect to sleep in, and had the right mixture of quaint and quiet to make it feel just right whenever I had had a long day and just needed to shower and sleep. The assignment to Goldhawk over Camden, another apartment complex where other students lived, was definitely right for me as someone who prefers quiet areas with more of a domestic feeling. And with all of its convenience of transportation, food, and more nearby, I couldn’t have had a better place to call ‘home’ for my six weeks abroad.

Thanks Alice!

Alice's journey continues every Monday so stay tuned.

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