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A Taste of the Philippines in London

May 5, 2022 3:01:00 PM / by Guest Posts

CAPA student and Diversity Advocates Scholar Isabel Jardiniano is studying abroad in London this semester and talks about feeling right at home in the Filipino community in Kensington. This Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), she shows us 3 Filipino stores and markets to visit in the city and some staple snacks you should try. Check out her recommendations and learn more about Filipino flavors from her!

London is a city rich with culture; every corner dons shops and restaurants that represent different parts of the world. I was pleased to learn that Kensington, the district where CAPA’s center is located, is the home of a flourishing Filipino community. The Pinoy Supermarket on Hogarth Road has been in Kensington for over eleven years. Immediately when you enter the market you are greeted with the sweet scent of Philippine baked goods, such as hopia and pan de sal. To your right are endless shelves of Philippine chips and snacks at your discretion — most of which I grew up eating at home. Some staples in Philippine households include Boy Bawang, which comes in a plethora of savory flavors such as garlic, barbecue, and chicharon; Nagaraya, which are peanuts wrapped in cracker exterior and seasoned with different flavors; and Oishi Pillows, a sweet snack that comes in famous flavors such as chocolate and ube (purple yam).

The Pinoy Supermarket in Kensington, London

Caption: The Pinoy Supermarket.

Also located on Hogarth Road is the Manila Super Market, which has been in the district for 32 years — Auntie Dorothy who runs the shop welcomed me to London and I immediately felt at home. I bought pancit, a popular noodle dish from the Philippines that is made with chicken, celery, carrots, cabbage, onion, and pancit canton noodles. It was a taste of home away from home! In the back of the market is an entire section dedicated to ready-made Philippine dishes which can be taken home and easily prepared.

Manila Supermarket in London

Caption: Outside the Manila Super Market in London.

One block down from the aforementioned markets is the Tindahang Pinoy market on Kenway Road, which has been welcoming customers in London for over six generations. Tindahang Pinoy had an entire shelf dedicated to pastillas (de leche), a popular Philippine candy made with milk and sugar. There were a plethora of sweets that remind me of fond memories my childhood.

Tindahang Pinoy Market in London

Caption: Stopping by Tindahang Pinoy market.

After stopping by each of the shops, I felt like I had found hidden treasure — I went back to my flat with a giant bag of Philippine snacks that I got to share with my flatmates. I highly recommend that everyone stops by the Philippine markets, whether it be for lunch or a quick snack, you will not be disappointed!

Filipino Snacks bought in London

Caption: The snacks I bought from the shops.

Thanks, Isabel!

Isabel Jardiniano


Isabel Jardiniano (she/her/hers) is a junior at Clark University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics. She is originally from New York and is spending her spring 2022 semester with CAPA London.


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