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Anderson Wray is currently pursuing a major in Accountancy at Arizona State University. He'll be documenting his personal goals as well as his internship experience in Sydney. Tag along as he tries to be well-versed with public transportation and gets ready to tackle the unfamiliar!

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How Australia’s Wilderness Makes One Reflect on Humans’ Role in Nature

Jun 15, 2019 10:21:00 AM / by Anderson Wray

After a visit to Blue Mountains as part of a CAPA excursion, Anderson reflects on the lessons drawn from the beauty of nature and ecological concerns that we face today. He also shares some Aboriginal mythologies and the connection of each story to the mesmerizing formations found on the hike.

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Here's Why Sydney's Culture Gives the Best First Impression

Jun 6, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Anderson Wray

Want to know what to expect from Sydney's culture? Get a look at Anderson's first thoughts on culture shock, the attitudes that are part of local life, and how different interpersonal communication is compared to American culture.

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Meet Anderson Wray: Official CAPA Sydney Blogger Summer 2019

May 18, 2019 10:27:00 AM / by Anderson Wray

Meet Anderson Wray, an official CAPA blogger in Sydney, Australia for Summer 2019:

University: Arizona State University
Major: Accountancy
Study Abroad Location: Sydney, Australia
Internship or volunteer placement: BIS Oxford Economics - Economics & Business Intern 

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