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Lily Tang (she/her/hers) is a Junior at University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Political Science and Asian American Studies. She is the Program Coordinator at the Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center and works to create impactful events for the UMass community. She is passionate about civic engagement and community organizing and hopes to further develop her skills and gain experience by interning in Dublin, Ireland this Spring!

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On The Asian American Experience In Ireland + Markets to Check Out

Apr 20, 2020 4:51:34 PM / by Lily Tang

In this week's vlog from Lily, she takes us on a tour of some of Dublin's best specialty markets where you can buy Asian food products, from cooking staples and fresh vegetables to homemade bao buns. See below for a full list of Lily's recommendations for Asian markets and restaurants in Dublin.

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Learning the Cultural Nuances of Ireland in My CAPA Courses

Apr 10, 2020 9:29:00 AM / by Lily Tang

This week, Lily dives into some cultural differences between Ireland and the US and shares what she's learned about communication styles, work culture, and more. Check out the video to learn more!

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One CAPA Student’s Thoughts on What We Can Learn From Current Events

Mar 27, 2020 2:06:00 PM / by Lily Tang

A few weeks ago, Lily was attending Griffith College classes in Ireland. Now, she's in self-quarantine at home in the US, and she's in good spirits. Find out more about her thoughts and feelings on the situation, and how studying abroad has helped her learn to embrace unexpected changes.

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Opportunities for CAPA Dublin Student Engagement with Griffith College

Mar 9, 2020 10:15:00 AM / by Lily Tang

What all can you do and see as a student in Ireland? CAPA Dublin student Lily Tang drops some gems in this week's vlog and shows us her trip to Cork, Rock of Cashel, and more. She encourages you to try some of the discovery trips offered through your study abroad program. These opportunities allow you to explore more of your host country's landmarks, towns, and culture! You can also meet students from all over the world and have fun together.

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Shanghai Study Abroad Programs Were Cancelled Due to the Coronavirus...Now I'm in Dublin

Feb 21, 2020 10:02:13 AM / by Lily Tang

CAPA's (almost) Shanghai blogger/vlogger is now in Dublin. Lily Tang discusses the unique turn of events that led her studying abroad in Dublin this Spring, reminding us that a huge part of studying abroad is learning how to be adaptable and how to adjust to change. Thank you Lily for your positivity, flexibility, and for sharing! 

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Meet Lily Tang: Official CAPA Dublin Blogger/ Vlogger Spring 2020

Dec 10, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Lily Tang

Meet Lily Tang (she/her/hers), an official CAPA hybrid blogger/vlogger in Dublin, Ireland* for Spring 2020:

University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Major: Political Science and Asian/Asian American Studies
Study Abroad Location: Dublin, Ireland (formerly Shanghai).
Internship or volunteer placement: TBC

What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
I am most excited about the opportunity to take courses that allow me to learn more about China’s position in global governance and dive deeper in exploring the relationship between US and China. As a political science major, I am really interested in seeing how China’s domestic policies impact its citizens’ day-to-day life.

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