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Finding Hope in Endings

Dec 28, 2018 9:03:00 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In her final post, Genevieve sees the silver lining in finishing her semester in London. After studying abroad for several months, the city is now a part of her. She talks through taking time to say goodbyes, making one last round to all her favorite spots, and how she's easing into life back home in the US.

Three months ago, I stood at the top of the escalator in the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, pausing to hug my parents goodbye. I was walking into a new reality, one of busy days, fast underground trains, and the most self-discovery I have ever undertaken. Three days ago, I stood on that same airport escalator, this time going down to my parents waiting on the ground floor. I saw them before they saw me, or rather I saw them before they recognized me. That’s right, my own parents didn’t recognize me—probably because I have much darker hair now and was wearing a different color than they thought I was. But that doesn’t change the fact that they stared at me for a full 30 seconds before they realized it was me. 

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Hard Goodbyes: The Bittersweet End of Semester Abroad

Dec 17, 2018 2:22:00 PM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve prepares to bid farewell to London, her internship experience, and her semester abroad—but not before getting through finals week! She also talks about how professor Mike Punter and his classes have left a mark on her and why she will miss this experience tremendously.

It’s the final week in London. Currently, everyone is wrapping up their last exams and papers, as well as trying to squeeze every last memory out of our time here. It’s become small talk to ask, ‘How are you feeling about going home?’ to whoever sits beside you in class. The answers are varied, but the general consensus is ready for a break, but not ready to leave London. We have each made a space for ourselves in this fast city, and who knows if who we have created ourselves to be here will even carry back home. For me, the last day at my internship was when the fact that I am leaving on Saturday became real. I had to say goodbye to friends, the building, and the role that I enjoyed. The internship had been a connection to the future that I want, but that isn’t a reality yet.

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Finding Christmas in London

Dec 11, 2018 7:22:45 PM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve gets into the holiday spirit and shows us London's yuletide joy and Christmas trees! Check out what it's like in the city during this season, how the markets are decked out, and why having a community in London makes this all so much special.

As winter closes around London, the sun seems to disappear for days at a time. The buildings are cloaked in clouds and fog, and a light misting rain constantly settles on my cheeks and eyelashes. Sunset officially begins before I leave my internship or class for the day. These last weeks, I have found myself walking down the streets in the dark more than in the daylight. All of these things, from the rain to the short days are characteristic of the winter season. It’s actually one of the reasons that I chose to study abroad in the fall and not the spring. I love the beginning of winter and all that the changing season means. Since it's officially December, I can be frank: it’s Christmas season!

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A 5-Stop Tour of London's Goldhawk Neighborhood Where CAPA Students Live

Dec 3, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Genevieve Rice

See what living in London could look like while you study and intern abroad! Genevieve takes us on a tour of the Goldhawk neighborhood where CAPA students live and shows us 5 of her favorite spots to frequent. Here's everything you need to know about where to run, study, and shop in Goldhawk.

I looked at the syllabi for the different CAPA classes to see which ones would interest me. I explored CAPA's London Institute main page, and I pinterested London (obviously an accurate representation of the city), but what really made up my mind on this program was the CAPA blog posts that I read.

This may be because I personally enjoy blogs as their format appeals to my imagination, but the post that really stood out to me and made the coming semester feel so much more real was a past blogger's tour of their apartment. So, I thought that I would return the favor and give a tour of my neighborhood, Goldhawk, for anyone out there who is reading these blog posts in order to gain a better understanding of what their abroad experience could look like in Goldhawk.

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Money & London: 5 Tips for Financing, Budgeting, and Enjoying Your Study Abroad

Nov 27, 2018 4:43:19 PM / by Genevieve Rice

If you're wondering how to finance your study abroad to London and live in this global city on a budget, here's a list of practical tips to get you going! Genevieve shares what worked for her from experience—from looking for scholarships to finding cost-effective strategies that work best for you.

Live in a different country. Participate in a career furthering internship in a new culture. Be able to travel to new places on the weekends. These make up the shiny side of study abroad. While parts of this image of study abroad are true, this is not the whole picture. The whole picture includes graphic depictions of the days where you have a cold and have used up a whole pack of Kleenex overnight. It includes the day when you are so tired from the week before that you can barely drag yourself from bed on Monday morning. Where you are on the tube for at least an hour and a half each day, jammed between a sweaty man and a really loud tourist group. The real picture of study abroad is not always pretty, and it definitely is not for everyone. It also includes something that most people don’t want to consider: money.

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My Cultural Jenga

Nov 19, 2018 9:35:00 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve reflects on being a third culture kid and how that plays into her study abroad experience this semester. See how she grappled with fitting in and standing out, as well as finding herself right at home in London.

Usually, it’s the small things that make the tourists stand out in a crowd. The slow pace at which they walk, the constant checking of the map on their phone, or voices that are just a hair too loud. The cultural blunders that they commit are not normally odious, but they label the tourist as someone who doesn’t belong. The obvious not-belonging of these travelers is something that they rarely seem to notice or care about. However, for me, it is something I have always wondered about. How much have I stood out in a crowd this semester? Londoners can tell I am American when I speak or make a glaring cultural blunder, but when I am walking to and from my internship or class, what do they think? I can usually spot an American a mile away in this city, so can they spot me that easily?

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Guy Fawkes Day: An Escape from Routine

Nov 12, 2018 11:03:00 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve breaks away from her routine in the city and celebrates with locals at a traditional UK event: Guys Fawkes Day. Learn about the significance of Guy Fawkes Day and what happens at the local events annually!

Eventually in a big city, the buildings start to crowd out the sky, trapping pedestrians in a bubble of industry. Everything looks manmade and nature feels distant. The cold wind rushes down streets, like a river in a well-worn channel. It makes coats flap and faces turn red. The city begins to feel harsh and cold. Its character is lost in the interminable rotation of the same days, the same patterns. Even abroad, routine makes what was exciting long and dull. But in those moments, when home feels far away and the excitement of the coming holidays makes it feel even farther, I have made some of the most enchanting discoveries of my experience abroad.

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Fright Night London: A CAPA Halloween Movie Night

Nov 3, 2018 10:52:00 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve relives CAPA's My Global City Fright Night event which featured a showing of the cult classic horror film, 'An American Werewolf in London'.

I have never been that into scary movies. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just can’t watch blood, gore, or anything remotely suspenseful. This means that Halloween has always been a bit of a stressful time for me. I enjoy watching scary movies with friends, but I don’t know how much of the movie I will end up actually seeing. The scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the killer bunny attacks everyone? I had to close my eyes, that’s how bad I am at watching blood in movies. It can be embarrassing, but it also explains why I am so uneducated when it comes to classic Halloween movies. However, this Halloween, I wanted to challenge myself to actually watch a classic Halloween scary movie. It also just so happened that one of my favorite professors at CAPA was hosting a Halloween movie night at CAPA London. CAPA’s latest event seeking to allow us all to come together and get to know staff and students. Fright Night, as it was aptly named, was a movie night where we watched the iconic An American Werewolf in London. This movie was chosen not only for its fun classic scary factor, but because David, the main character, happened to be just like us: an American in London.

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Cultural Tastes: 5 Stops on a Diverse Culinary Tour Through London

Oct 29, 2018 11:13:55 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve discusses the cultural variety of cuisine that she's discovered since moving to London. From British Pub food and Russian Cafes to Indian curries and vegan falafel stands, she shares 5 of her go-to places for food in London.

Comfort food is something that all students in college become acquainted with. Whether that means the gooey cheese on a pizza or hot broth of chicken noodle soup, those two words bring certain food to mind. Food is universally unique, each culture adapting ingredients to fit their tastes. Comfort food is especially important to me when I am far from home. A whiff of the aroma of baking bread and I immediately feel at peace in my surroundings, whether or not they are familiar. However, I am not prefacing this blog post with comfort food to say that it is important for study abroad students. While it is interesting how students bring their food with them, it is even more fascinating to see the all of the food that London has to offer. London is aptly described as a global city. Layers of culture overlap as immigrants from all over the globe come together in one city. Each cultural group carries their history and traditions in the food that they eat and crave when they are far from home. I have never been in a city that so obviously displays the importance of food and culture as London. On my street alone, there is a Russian café, a British pub, a Chinese street food stall, a fish and chips shop, a middle eastern style market place, multiple Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese, and Thai restaurants, and even a fancy Nepali place. When people move to London, they are not required to sacrifice their cultural identity. Acculturation does not stifle this city as it does other countries. From the curry of Brick Lane to the Doner Kebabs on each street corner, culture and food are linked in this city.

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5 Bookstores in London to Feed your Inner Bookworm

Oct 22, 2018 10:30:00 AM / by Genevieve Rice

In this week's post, Genevieve explores the beautiful bookstores of London. Books old and new, on boats and on sale, here are 5 book shops you must visit when studying abroad in London.

The beauty of a big city like London is that it holds something for everyone. If you like food, go to Borough Market. If you like movies, go to Peckhamplex (tickets are only £5, so really anyone should go). If you like shopping, Westfield is your place. But for me, my personal poison is books. I can spend a whole day in Barnes and Noble. Whenever I go exploring in London, I always have my eyes open for a bookstore that has some kind of unique charm or purpose. London has plenty of those. I will list five. Some are perfect for studying in, others are beautiful just to see, and some are actually good for finding books. Each one is special in its own way:

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