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Nina Vrtjak is studying both Accounting and Human Resources at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. This semester she will be taking her studies across the globe to Barcelona, Spain. She is thrilled to spend the semester immersed in Spanish culture and exploring and eating her way through Europe. She is delighted to share her experiences with you through her CAPA blog posts!

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The Value of Spending a Full Semester Abroad

Aug 12, 2020 10:02:00 AM / by Nina Vrtjak

Nina shares how studying abroad helped her gain new sense of appreciation for Barcelona, a city she called home for a semester. This experience also opened doors for her to peek into different parts of Europe and keep the magic of learning alive through exploring new cities and cultures. 

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A Vegetarian's Guide to Barcelona

May 20, 2020 9:32:00 AM / by Nina Vrtjak

If you're thinking of heading to Barcelona sometime in the future, check out this blog from Nina to learn about what types of food you can expect to find in the city, including tons of vegetarian options!

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Life Lessons From My 8 Weeks in Barcelona

May 7, 2020 9:24:00 AM / by Nina Vrtjak

Nina shares what she learned about life and culture in Barcelona, and what aspects of Spanish culture she is taking home with her. Read more to find out Nina's reflection on the Spanish lifestyle and her time abroad.

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How to Make the Best of a Day in Barcelona

Apr 23, 2020 9:31:00 AM / by Nina Vrtjak

In this blog from Nina, she shares the places in Barcelona that hold a special place in her heart—from lesser-known museums to world-famous landmarks. If you're ever in Barcelona, you can visit all of Nina's favorite spots in one day, like she did on her memorable yet bittersweet final day there.

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Culture Shock is REAL - Study Abroad Barcelona

Feb 18, 2020 9:17:00 AM / by Nina Vrtjak

Barcelona blogger Nina is learning to live on Spanish time this semester, and she's loving it! Find out how she's adjusting to the lifestyle in Barcelona in her latest blog.

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How to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Semester in Barcelona

Feb 7, 2020 10:45:00 AM / by Nina Vrtjak

A little prep work ahead of time will chase your travel worries away! In her first post, Nina Vrtjak writes to us from Barcelona and shares 4 important ways to prepare for your study abroad in a global city. Look through tips on how to overcome your first wave of culture shock, the language barrier, and first week jitters.

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Meet Nina Vrtjak: Official CAPA Barcelona Blogger Spring 2020

Dec 10, 2019 12:45:00 PM / by Nina Vrtjak

Meet Nina Vrtjak, an official CAPA blogger in Barcelona, Spain for Spring 2020:

University: University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Major: Accounting and Human Resources
Study abroad location: Barcelona, Spain
Internship or volunteer placement: N/A

What are you most excited for during your study abroad semester?
I am most excited to experience a culture different from mine. I hope to encounter other ways of life, hear people’s stories, and learn more about myself.

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