Oriana Garcia

Oriana Garcia is in her junior year at the University of Pittsburgh studying Marketing and Digital Media. She is vlogging in Florence during the Spring 2019 semester.

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An Italian Crash Course

Mar 18, 2019 10:41:00 AM / by Oriana Garcia

In this video, Oriana Garcia gives you a crash course in the Italian language and way of life! From basic Italian phrases, to how to order food at a restaurant or coffee bar, to other unique aspects about Italian culture, this crash course will help prepare you for your first few weeks in Florence, Italy!

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Study Abroad Bucket List: Taking an Italian Cooking Class in Florence

Mar 6, 2019 1:49:54 PM / by Oriana Garcia

Included as an optional My Global City event on our Florence programs, students can sign up to take an Italian cooking class. This week, CAPA vlogger Oriana Garcia takes us along for her cooking lesson in Florence, Italy! Watch as she learns how to make authentic Florentine food, from fresh Italian pasta to ragu a la bolognese, all while bonding with her CAPA classmates!

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How to Spend a Day Exploring the Heart of Tuscany

Feb 24, 2019 10:18:00 AM / by Oriana Garcia

Every semester CAPA takes our Florence students into the hills of Tuscany for a day trip to San Gimignano and Siena. This semester,  Oriana Garcia captures the beauty and fun of this unique excursion, sharing trip inspiration and a few history lessons for anyone looking to plan a day trip through the heart of Tuscany!

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Here's What Mondays are Like Studying Abroad in Florence

Feb 4, 2019 10:37:00 AM / by Oriana Garcia

There's no such thing as the 'Sunday scaries' when you're studying abroad in Florence! This Monday, CAPA Vlogger Oriana Garcia takes us through what her average Monday looks like: from an studio oil painting class, to paninos, to explorations of Florence and the Gucci Garden!

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Landing in Florence: The First 48 Hours of Study Abroad

Jan 21, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Oriana Garcia

In this week's post, Oriana lands in Florence and documents her first few hours discovering the city. From her first taste of Italian pizza to checking in at the CAPA center and giving us a tour of her apartment - this will give you an idea of what the first few days of a semester abroad look like.

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A Student's Guide to Planning a Semester in Florence

Jan 10, 2019 10:40:00 AM / by Oriana Garcia

In her first vlog of the semester, CAPA Florence student Oriana Garcia outlines the 3 areas you need to focus on to prepare for a semester in Florence: how to plan financially, how to get your visa, and how to pack!

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Meet Oriana Garcia: Official CAPA Florence Vlogger Spring 2019

Jan 4, 2019 4:22:00 PM / by Oriana Garcia

Meet Oriana Garcia, an official CAPA Vlogger in Florence, Italy for Spring 2019:

University: University of Pittsburgh
Major: Marketing with a Certificate in Digital Media
Study abroad location: Florence, Italy
Internship or volunteer placement: N/A

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