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6 Amazing Foodie Experiences in Dublin

Nov 11, 2015 8:30:00 AM / by Sydney Smith

In this post, CAPA blogger Sydney Smith shares six of her favorite places in Dublin to grab a bite to eat. 

What is the best part of studying abroad aside from meeting great people, seeing historical sights, or exploring a new city? FOOD. Yes, really. Trying new food in a new place is an incredible experience. Being a bit adventurous by simply being abroad allows you to expand your palate and add a little bit more adventure to your resume by trying something new. Here, in detail, are some of my favorite places that I’ve enjoyed a tasty treat or meal in Dublin.

1. K CHIDO MEXICO! K Chido Mexico! is just what it sounds like—Mexican food, but with a twist. This “restaurant” is really a food truck located inside a warehouse. Wooden palates have been transformed into colorful benches and tables. It is unlike any other place that I’ve eaten before and the food is fantastic. Seeing as my favorite place to eat at home is a Mexican restaurant, any other Mexican place would have tough competition. K Chido has risen up to the challenge and reminds me of my favorite place at home—it’s that good. Their food selection ranges from tacos to burritos to nachos (Oh my!). They also have a lovely little tea and coffee stand for those of you who need a caffeine fix. Eating here is a must.

Photo: K Chido Mexico! by Sydney Smith

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