CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Official Bloggers & Vloggers, Spring 2018 (Up to $770 Grant)

Oct 26, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Irene Kanthan

Will you represent your study abroad city as one of our official CAPA bloggers or vloggers for Spring semester 2018?

Depending on your program length, each student on our team of storytellers will receive a grant of up to $500 along with up to $270 as an explorer fund to help you create awesome weekly content for the CAPA World blog. 


Blog Vlog Grants Apply Now 

Besides helping finance their adventures, previous CAPA bloggers and vloggers have loved the experience for a bunch of different reasons: 

  • BUILDING A STORY ARCHIVE. Sharing your best study abroad stories in blog format means you won't forget all of the little details. When you prepare to talk about your time abroad in future job interviews (or simply want to reminisce), it's all there waiting. "To be held to a once-a-week writing deadline, documenting aspects of the experience I wouldn't necessarily choose on my own has helped me grow as a writer as well as create a wonderful written memory for this life-changing trip," said recent CAPA blogger Matt Linenbroker.

  • CREATING A PORTFOLIO. Journalism, English, photography, digital media or marketing majors will find this position particularly valuable. What better way to gain relevant skills and create an online portfolio? “As a communication major aspiring to enter into the media field, making weekly videos was excellent training,” said Ashley Moon, a recent CAPA vlogger. “Working on a deadline allowed me to turn a hobby into a professional skill.”

  • REFLECTING ON AND ANALYZING YOUR EXPERIENCE. CAPA Shanghai blogger Sara Urner noted that this role was valuable because it has "required me to analyze and reflect on my experiences in a deeper and more meaningful way and really taking time to dissect the new culture I am experiencing." CAPA Buenos Aires blogger Joy Jones agrees: "It makes you take a step back and really appreciate the whole experience. Good and bad. It gives you a chance to laugh at yourself when you mess up and congratulate yourself when you get something right. And then turn it into a semi guide book for someone else."

  • IMPROVING OBSERVATION SKILLS. Creating weekly content has helped past bloggers and vloggers become more observant of their surroundings and the people they interacted with while abroad, ultimately creating more vivid memories. "You learn a lot about a city by looking for the little things to include in your videos," said recent CAPA vlogger Patrick Dumas.

  • INCREASING EXPOSURE. Posts are promoted and shared through CAPA's social media platforms and, of course, with the CAPA World blog audience. This gives your story exposure that can be valuable both personally and professionally.

  • BECOMING A CAPA CELEBRITY. Becoming the official CAPA blogger or vlogger means being a recognizable face around CAPA! Other students will follow along, which can be a great way to make new friends, and it's fun. "It helps with making friends early because all of the CAPA students recognize you as “the video kid” and want to be featured!" Dumas said.

  • PRACTICING TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. Social media expertise is a valuable skill on almost all career paths these days. By producing regular material, CAPA bloggers and vloggers will have plenty of content to push out through their own social media networks, get used to working to deadlines and up their game in writing and video editing skills. "Writing a post each week allows me to think more creatively, encourages me to learn and make more observations about the city I’m living in and helps me practice my writing and photography skills," recent CAPA blogger Emily Kearns noted.

  • KEEPING FRIENDS AND FAMILY BACK HOME UP TO DATE. The blog and vlog content becomes a share-able study abroad scrapbook. “My friends and family back home anticipated my vlogs each week, and many people have told me that they loved watching my life develop as I spent time in England,” Moon said. “Being CAPA’s vlogger was such an exciting privilege.”

  • BEING A PUBLIC VOICE. Being an official CAPA blogger or vlogger is a point of pride on a resume. Not only did you study abroad, but you were selected to act as a public voice for the course of a semester or summer overseas.

Here's a short video from CAPA alumna Carly Wickham about why she loved being the official vlogger during her semester in London and why you should apply: 

Here's a small selection of past bloggers and vloggers to check out before you apply:

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