CAPA Florence Faculty and Staff Spotlight

Nov 9, 2021 10:06:00 AM / by Cara Pizzorusso

Highlighting the achievements of our dedicated faculty and staff from CAPA Florence who had a major hand in the Italian translation of acclaimed novels.

We are proud to highlight the recent literary achievements of one of our faculty members and one of our staff members in Florence. These talented individuals—Anna Kraczyna and Valentina Fatichenti—who have been part of the CAPA team for several years, bring great passion and high intellectual and academic value to the CAPA Florence program.

The Adventures of Pinocchio, translated by Anna Kraczyna

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Florence native Anna Kraczyna is an experienced lecturer who teaches Italian language courses and the Global Internship course at the CAPA Florence Center. She recently contributed to The Adventures of Pinocchio, a new translation of the childhood classic by Carlo Collodi. Anna published the translation (with an introduction and annotations) in collaboration with John Hooper, a famous journalist and expert in Italian society in politics.

Penguin Classics writes of the publication: “This sparkling new translation by John Hooper and Anna Kraczyna captures the rascally spirit that makes the playful and easily distracted Pinocchio an icon of children's literature, while also revealing the novel's quiet message about the dangers of social inequality and the duty of kindness humans owe one another.”

The Week in Italy news digest praised the publication by saying: “An effort to reclaim the spirit of the original, particularly as something distinct from the animated Disney cartoon that most are familiar with . . . Their goal . . . is not dissimilar to that of Matteo Garrone in his wonderfully dark film adaptation: to demonstrate, once again, that Pinocchio is far more than just a children’s story.”

The Iron Wolf, translated by Valentina Fatichenti

The Iron Wolf

Valentina Fatichenti, CAPA’s Program Services Coordinator in Florence, recently translated Siri Pettersen’s fantasy novel, The Iron Wolf, from Norwegian (titled Jernulven in the original) to Italian (with the translated title: Il Lupo Di Ferro).

In the author’s own words, the novel is “…a spellbinding fantasy mystery on a norse foundation, about blood, desire and addiction. It’s the first book in the trilogy Vardari, an independent series set in the universe of the award-winning fantasy phenomenon The Raven Rings.”

Thank you, Anna and Valentina, for your continued dedication to CAPA Florence and to our students.

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