CAPA Named Recipient of 2020 Top Safety Award

Feb 25, 2021 10:50:45 AM / by Cara Pizzorusso

Each year, GoOverseas hosts the Community Choice Awards for Study Abroad Providers. We are pleased to announce that CAPA has received the Top Safety Award for Study Abroad & Internships Abroad in 2020.

We are pleased to announce that GoOverseas has awarded CAPA the Top Safety Award for Study Abroad & Internships Abroad in 2020 in the annual GoOverseas Community Choice Awards for Study Abroad Providers. Health, safety, and wellness are of utmost importance to CAPA and we are grateful that our work is being recognized through this award.

Modernisme Activity only IAU students Eixample3-1Spring 2021 CAPA Barcelona students enjoyed a guided walking tour of the city during their first week studying abroad.

GoOverseas asks reviewers to rate programs on safety so that students can see how alumni felt about the safety of their study abroad provider or direct enroll university, as well as the safety of the local community. GoOverseas hosts over 13,000 providers on their website, and winners were chosen based solely on their program reviews from a community of over 1,000,000 students.

When students study abroad at one of our CAPA Centers or through one of our Direct Enroll partners, we ensure that students are aware of the safety resources they have available, including the Guardian Safety App and our 24/7 emergency phone number. CAPA also provides updates to students once a week (or more frequently if anything changes) about COVID case numbers, government restrictions and CAPA COVID rules, and any other updates as appropriate. Students receive additional reminders about COVID safety, including the role they must play in reducing risk to themselves, the CAPA community, and those living within the global city where they are studying in a weekly CAPA newsletter called the Monday Memo.

Modernisme Activity only IAU students Eixample1-1Spring 2021 CAPA students are required to wear masks any time they are not inside their apartments.

As for the CAPA Centers, we have strict protocols in place this semester to minimize COVID transmission risk as much as possible. In addition to strict requirements while out of class on mask wearing and social distancing (including not allowing guests in CAPA apartments or indoor social gatherings in any private residence), our staff monitors students’ temperatures and follows or exceeds all government guidance on ventilation, hygiene, and masks/social distancing within CAPA Centers.

Our staff also undergoes regular training on topics from student wellness support to crisis management. Our staff is trained to provide students with appropriate referrals and guidance for seeking professional help if needed while abroad, including for mental health. CAPA also retains access to external support and guidance from professional crisis management and safety organizations. 

Read more to find out additional details about our comprehensive student safety and health and wellness plans.

Florence Arrival Week Spring 2021-1CAPA Florence students made the most of their mandatory two-week quarantine upon arrival this spring by attending virtual activities such as a pizza night and a cooking class with other CAPA students and staff.

Find out what students said about their safety and wellness while studying abroad with CAPA:

CAPA supported me from the moment I applied to the moment I arrived in Ireland. CAPA made me feel safe and kept me engaged and informed while I was in Dublin.

—Jack Supino, CAPA Dublin Alum

I wasn't very close with anyone else from my school who went to London but CAPA helped me find my community through my roommates, classmates, and also through cultural and social events put on throughout the semester.

—Liliana Newman, Merrimack College, CAPA London Alum

CAPA offered a great support system and really created a community for all the students.

—Elizabeth Wong, Clark University, CAPA Sydney Alum

pizza evening via dei Cimatori-1Spring 2021 students bonded with their flatmates during their quarantine period.

One of our direct enroll partners, Maynooth University, also had one of the top three scores in the Safety category. Find out what alumni had to say about studying abroad at Maynooth University in Ireland:

My experience at Maynooth University is one I'm extremely grateful for and will never forget! An amazing place to explore a new corner of the world while still feeling comfortable and welcomed.

—Madeleine, Maynooth University Study Abroad Alum

Maynooth is SO safe and laid back! I was really nervous to study abroad but I never felt unsafe at all, and the laid-back [I]rish vibes were reassuring.

—Ciara, Maynooth University Study Abroad Alum


Learn more about CAPA’s student safety protocols:

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