CAPA Students Explore Beyond the Classroom with My Global City Events

Jun 4, 2020 9:09:00 AM / by Cara Pizzorusso

We strongly believe in the value of experiential learning and cultural immersion. Read more about how we encourage and guide CAPA students to learn from their study abroad city through My Global City events, available to students studying abroad in-country and online.

There are two sides to learning: traditional classroom learning and experiential learning. When students study abroad with CAPA, they can expect to learn not just through formal, structured classroom lectures, but by exploring their host city as well. Experiential learning takes place through field trips planned and led by CAPA professors and through a calendar of thoughtfully guided and self-led co-curricular activities, known at CAPA as My Global City events.

Students Taking over Florence_NO TEXT_From CAPAStaffCAPA Students exploring Florence with CAPA staff shortly after arrival.

As CAPA’s President and CEO John Christian emphasizes, “One thing we have done since day one is make sure that when we’re in a city, you’re learning in that city.” One way we especially encourage students to explore and gain an in-depth understanding of their study abroad city is through these My Global City events. These activities are open to students on each CAPA program and are not tied to a particular course, which makes it a great opportunity for students to interact with peers on their program who they may not have had the chance to spend time with before.

My Global City events help students get in touch with the nuances of their global city and immerse themselves in the local culture. Through these events, students expand their understanding of globalization, urban environments, social dynamics, and diversity, while allowing for personal and professional development, and of course... a good time!

CAPAStudyAbroad_Fall 2019_Barcelona_Isha Mahajan_Walking TourCAPA Barcelona Students learn about Catalonian history, culture, and politics on a day visit to Girona.

By engaging beyond the classroom with other students and with people who live in their host city who may have different values, behaviors, and communication styles,students come to better understand complex social dynamics. Getting to know people is developing and crafting one’s social skills, or soft skills, which are critically important not just here but post-graduation. If somebody is working in a global company, having what we call intercultural competence is that ability to navigate successfully within different social dynamics both within America and around the globe.” -Darren Kelly, Director of Academic Affairs in Dublin.

CAPAStudyAbroad_Summer2019_Dublin_Clare Mullin_Walking with Professor DarrenDarren Kelly exploring Dublin’s Ranalagh neighborhood with students last summer.

Through co-curricular activities, students also see the impact of globalization firsthand, from observing differences in communication styles to seeing how local organizations operate in a complex global environment. As Craig Kench, our VP of Global Internships, noted, “The ability for a student to be able to be able to analyze and explore those complex political, cultural, and social environments allows a student to really take that experience and then see how that experience is of benefit to them not only in their own life, but also to a future employer.” 

That all said, My Global City events are a key aspect of CAPA’s programs and are designed to help students get the most out of their experience studying in a global city.  

Studying on a Flexible Choice Program This Fall? 

A local calendar of events will be available each week for students on the in-country portion of all CAPA programsFor those participating in the online or partially online option, access to a master calendar of events hosted virtually will be included. 

CAPAStudyAbroad_Sydney_Spring2017_From Colin Gilbert - Bondi to Coogee Walk - tamarama-1CAPA Alumn Colin Gilbert on the Cliff Walk from Bondi to Coogee with CAPA.

Students studying abroad in-person can participate in a variety of guided tours at the beginning of their time in country. Examples include tours of London’s South Bank area and Camden and Primrose Hill for London students and a group outing to the Bondi to Coogee Cliff Walk in Sydney. In Florence, students can learn about Italian history on their guided welcome walk to Piazzele Michaelangelo or they can learn Italian culture through food by taking a cooking class taught by a local. As students start to familiarize themselves more with their global city, the events calendar will include more self-led tours that will allow them to explore the city on their own time. 

Studying Abroad Online? 

CAPA's taking its MGC calendar online with a variety of virtual events from our teams across the globe. Students will be able to access the master calendar of events through our online CAPA Community Portal, and these events will be available to all summer students taking at least one course regardless of location – meaning Florence students could participate in Dublin, London, or Sydney virtual activities, and vice versa! 

Activities and events may include: Virtual visits to cultural sights and iconic neighborhoods through CAPA-led tours, including a virtual walking tour of Dublin’s Docklands—a port area that is now thriving cultural center and business hub. Students will learn about British history and culture through CAPA-led video tours of the Old Operating Theater in London and Battle Abbey in HastingsStudents can also join CAPA Florence staff for live cooking lessons each week to prepare simple, classic Italian dishes like fresh pasta together over Zoom. In addition, students can attend guest lectures with industry professionals in each city, including a lecture on the art and architectural history of Barcelona, as seen through UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

In addition to these events and many more that highlight each of our cities, students will have access to professional networking events, LinkedIn toolbox professional development sessions, and extracurricular activities such as virtual book clubs. 

Stay tuned for more information on CAPA World about how students engage with their global city though thoughtfully planned experiential learning activities. 

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