Chasing the Iguazu Waterfalls in Argentina

Jul 12, 2019 2:52:27 PM / by Sarah Williamson

Sarah jets off on a weekend getaway to see a major waterfall outside of Buenos Aires and takes us along for the adventure. She also makes her way to the national park and checks out several trails in the area. Spoiler alert: the Iguazu Falls did not disappoint!

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Iguazú Falls, which is an hour-and-a-half away by plane. The Falls are shared between Brazil and Argentina, and at the edge of the town closest to the falls, Puerto Iguazú, is the river border of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. I was excited to go to the falls, as I’ve been to Victoria Falls in Zambia (the Southern African country my family’s lived in for 9 years), and Niagara Falls in New York, and so I was excited to check off another major waterfall on another continent!

I started the trip early in the morning heading to the airport inside the city. Buenos Aires has two airports, the one I flew into five weeks ago which is outside of the city, and another one a short cab ride away from my homestay. Once I arrived, I took a bus through the national park and to my Airbnb, then a while later was on a bus on my way to the falls!

The national park was much more built up than I expected, with places to eat and shop inside the park itself, making it easy to stop and grab a snack or a bottle of water. There were several trails to choose from, but for the first day I decided to take the lower trail down to the bottom of the falls, as I only had a few hours before the park closed. I was hopeful that I would still get to see a good part of the falls. I was not disappointed!

Day 1:

The path to the falls.


I saw several Coatis on the way.


I could hear the water rushing and finally saw some waterfalls!




Once I got to this spot, I could not get over my excitement and awe. There were people crowded to see this view, and to take pictures underneath the waterfall. The water was so strong that it was spraying us and we were getting wet because we were so close!



Then, when I thought I had seen everything the trail had to offer, I turned the corner and saw these beautiful falls!


Day 2:

The next day, I woke up after sleeping in, and grabbed breakfast of café con leche and medialunas, a very common breakfast here.


After breakfast, I headed to the falls to further explore. I took the free train that ran from the beginning of the park up to a spot at the top of the falls which was called Garganta del Diablo, or Devil’s Throat.


We walked along a bridge that went over the river until we came to the falls.


I could see the mist coming up from the falls as we got closer.


Then, we came upon the top of the falls!




It was the most beautiful natural creation I’d ever seen, it took my breath away. The pictures definitely don’t do it justice!

That spot was definitely my favorite. After that, I decided to go on to the Upper Trail and see what it had to offer. Once again, after thinking it couldn’t get any better, I kept being surprised by beautiful waterfalls at every turn.




The falls were absolutely magnificent.

Day 3:

My last morning I got up early and walked to the location of the three borders, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.



The border was so tranquil—and a great way to end a perfect weekend vacation!

Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah Williamson


Sarah Williamson is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2019, sharing her story on CAPA World. An International Relations major at Samford University, she is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this summer.

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