Ciaran's Chronicles: London Now and Then

Jun 8, 2015 4:03:00 PM / by Irene Kanthan


My name is Ciaran. I work in the CAPA Program and Student Services team in London. I am a CAPA alum who fell in love with London and came back.

An Irish-American twin from New York is probably the most succinct way to describe myself. Beyond those identifiers, I’m a happy-go lucky guy who loves to explore and travel to new places with a special interest in learning the history, culture, quirks and eccentricities behind the locations I visit. I guess I’d consider myself to be a flâneur; just replace the top hat, pea coat and monocle for modern day hipster versions. 

I first arrived in London in January as a Spring 2014 student at CAPA. My "Travel Writing" and "Analyzing the Global Cities" courses informed and inspired me to delve beyond the surface and find out the stories waiting to be discovered.

The magnificent city London has become is in no small part due to its majestic history as centre of a great empire. Just as much, the personal histories of its past and present inhabitants have left their mark. My bi-weekly column on CAPA World aims to reveal these stories in the hope of adding interest to locations that might otherwise be thought of as commonplace.

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