Come Along on a Virtual Bus Tour of Buenos Aires with CAPA!

Jun 10, 2019 11:19:00 AM / by Sarah Williamson

Hop on a city bus tour of Buenos Aires with our student guide Sarah! This activity will spur the explorer in you to take note of interesting factoids about the city while taking in the diverse sights and overall layout of Buenos Aires. From barrios to museos, get acquainted with this study abroad destination.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Buenos Aires from a new perspective. Each semester, CAPA offers several My Global City events free to students studying with the program. One of these was a bus tour of the city of Buenos Aires. This tour allowed me to better understand the layout of the city. While walking around a city is a wonderful way to explore and get to know the area, seeing the city from higher up showed me more sights than I could have seen on my own.

After a delicious lunch at an Argentine restaurant where we were serenaded by a man playing the bandoneon, a traditional tango instrument, we set out to enjoy our bus tour of the city.

Of course, the only logical place to sit was at the top of the double-decker bus.

Top of BusOn top of the bus.

The tour began with a drive past the beautiful Casa Rosada (Pink House), Argentina's version of the White House where the president works.

Casa RosadaCasa Rosada is the office of Argentina's President.

Near the Casa Rosada is the Plaza de Mayo, where many political events and protests happen. Every Thursday, the Abuelos de la Plaza de Mayo gather to protest for their lost children and grandchildren during the Dirty War when an estimated 30,000 people were "disappeared" from their families from 1976 to 1983.

We also had the chance to see the Palace of Congress building which was near the Casa Rosada.

CongressThe Palace of Congress is also known as "Palacio del Congreso".

Continuing on our tour, we saw many diverse sights:

All types of architecture.


Passing through the streets of Buenos Aires.

The river from the barrio (neighborhood) La Boca.

PortA port in Buenos Aires.

Numerous examples of murals and street art.

MuralA street mural.

Animal Mural
An animal mural.

Museums that looked amazing and made me want to visit!

Museo_Del_Arte_Moderno_BAThe Museo de Arte Moderno De Buenos Aires, also informally known as Museo Moderno.

The MACBA is short for its full name: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires, which translates to "Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires" in English.

An iron picture of Evita (actress and wife of a former Argentinian president).

EvitaAn artistic depiction of Eva "Evita" Peron on the side of a government building.

The financial district with its tall buildings and office spaces.

CityScapeThe cityscape.

Finally, we left the bus tour to go shopping at the San Telmo feria, having gained a further appreciation and understanding of Buenos Aires, our new city.

SanTelmoFeriaThe Feria de San Telmo is a street bazaar in the city.

Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah Williamson


Sarah Williamson is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2019, sharing her story on CAPA World. An International Relations major at Samford University, she is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this summer.

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