Connecting Global Cities

Dec 20, 2014 5:04:00 PM / by Irene Kanthan

Connecting Global Cities" is a monthly column by CAPA The Global Education Network's Resident Director in Shanghai, Colin Speakman.

Colin has lived for significant time periods in Europe, North America and Asia where he occasionally resides in London, has lived south of Los Angeles, and for many years in Beijing.

He currently calls Shanghai home, but has been a visitor to all CAPA global cities sites over the last 20 years.   


The archives are listed below:


November 2017: The Future of Globalization
October 2017:
 CGCs: World Skills
September 2017: 
CGCs: The Sharing Economy in Global Cities
August 2017: 
Go East Young Person
July 2017:
 CGCs: The Economics of Living in Global Cities
June 2017: 
CGCs: One Belt One Road
May 2017:
 CGCs: Commuting in Global Cities
April 2017: Connecting Global Cities: Billionaires and Les Miserables
March 2017: 
Asia's Global Cities
February 2017: 
Connecting Global Cities: Is it Asia's Century?
January 2017:
 Globalization in 2017





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