Dogs of Dublin: a Deeper Look into Some of the City’s Hippest Dogs

Jul 17, 2017 3:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz

CAPA_CatGloria_Dublin_Headshot.pngCat Gloria is an official CAPA blogger for summer 2017, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A Journalism major at the University of Florida, she is studying abroad in Dublin this semester.

In this week's post, Cat introduces us to 5 of Dublin's finest furry friends.


About a month ago, I began my journey to find the most interesting dogs in Dublin. I’ve spent weeks searching up and down the streets of Dublin for dogs with compelling stories. Trust me, going up to strangers to inquire about their pets isn’t the easiest task, but it was all worth it. I have finally narrowed it down to five special dogs. These dogs deserve to have their stories told, so take a look.

Bambi & Gizmo

CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2017_From Cat Gloria Bambi.jpgCAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2017_From Cat Gloria Gizmo.jpg

Bambi and Gizmo rule the parks of Dublin. Yes, that’s two dogs I am talking about. I met them when I was relaxing in Merrion Square. They just trotted up to my friends and I. We pet them a bit, but their mother quickly came and got them and I thought I’d never see them again.

The next week I was doing yoga in Stephen’s Green and just as I went into downward dog one of them ran under me. What a small world. Of all the people to go up to, they happen to find me. So this time, before they got away, I went up to their owner and interviewed her about them.

Mrs. Todd adopted Bambi and Gizmo years ago from her neighbor. They are brothers if you couldn’t tell, eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier brothers. There were six of them, but Mrs. Todd only got the two of them. They love going to the park with their mom. Everyday Mrs. Todd takes them on the familiar trail of Dublin’s parks. However, the thing they love most is escaping from the leash and running as far as they can, playing a game of catch-the-dog. That’s where the children come in and run after them, Mrs. Todd said.

When you look at the dogs they look the same, but if you get to know them, they are nothing alike. Gizmo is the lover and Bambi is the feisty one. “Gizmo has a pink teddy back home that he adores,” Mrs. Todd said. He loves snuggling with the pink teddy. It’s a forever thing. He is in love with it. Then there’s Bambi; his favorite pastime is attacking squeaky toys. It’s when it talks back that his hunter instinct kicks in. And if a big dog comes around he keeps it in check as well. The two of them are staples of Dublin’s parks, so if are ever walking through keep an eye out for them.


CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2017_From Cat Gloria Duke.jpg

Duke is the epitome of a family guy. He was welcomed into a family of four about a year ago. His parents adopted him from Dog Trust, a dog rescue facility, when he was just a puppy. When he’s not playing with his two dog sisters, he likes to play with his parents. He brings a toy over to them, lets them get a good look at it, buries it in the sofa, and then waits on them to retrieve it. It’s a game he invented. Don’t be fooled though, he isn’t always full of energy.

“He isn’t a morning person,” his mom said. Like many of us, he is dependent on his sisters to wake him up. If it weren’t for them he might just sleep through the day. Because his sisters are so tiny, he also thinks he’s that size. “He tries to sit on my lap, because he sees his sisters doing that, and he turns around and goes ‘why don’t I fit?’ and I’m like ‘because you’re a giant’” his mom said.

Not only that, but when a big dog comes along he runs straight away and goes to find a tiny dog to play with. “He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer,” she said, “Once he was walking in the area at the back of their house and accidently fell right into a lake, he didn’t even see it.” Duke may not be the smartest, but for him ignorance is clearly bliss.


CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2017_From Cat Gloria Wilson 2.jpg

Meet Wilson, a beautiful black dog of an unknown age and breed. You can tell in his eyes he has a dark past. I met him in Merrion Square Park where a woman was walking him. It wasn’t his mom though.

Wilson currently resides at the DSPCA, a rescue center for dogs. His story is unknown, but there were burns on him when he was taken in so you can only imagine the childhood he’s had. Since being in the center he is much happier, but he still hasn’t been adopted. So if anyone out there is looking for a new child please visit the website and check him out. 


CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2017_From Cat Gloria Jake.jpg

Jake may look like a young lad, but he’s older than your grandmother in dog years. He’s old, but still tough. The golden lab will still take on any German Shepard that tries him. He even took on two at once, his father said. Food is what he’s all about though. He will eat anything, anywhere, his dad said. Luckily, he manages to keep the weight off by swimming.

On a nice day he takes a dive into the Ringsend Basin. That’s where the Viking Splash Tour boats go into the water. In fact, Jake loves to chase the tour boats through the basin. “You get the people with their little Viking helmets on, they think it’s part of the show,” his dad said. His dad then sits and waits for about half-an-hour for Jake to swim back. And when Jake finally comes tromping out of the water he just stands there and give’s his dad a big smile.   


CAPAStudyAbroad_Dublin_Summer2017_From Cat Gloria Ginty.jpg

A woman rescued Ginty, or Ginty the Great, as I call him, when he was just eight weeks old. Now three-and-a-half, he is wise beyond his years. “A two-year-old had been swinging him around by the tail when he was a puppy,” his mother told me. Luckily, he was then rescued and taken to a center in hopes of being adopted by a loving family. And his mom found him soon after. His favorite thing to do is bark loudly at everything, his mom said. He’s got that high-pitched kind of yelp, the most annoying one. But with a face like his, it’s hard to get too mad at him.

The only place Ginty doesn’t bark is in the water. He is the king of the sea, Ginty the Great. When his mom paddleboards, he jumps in, swims to her and gets onto the board with her, she said. Sometimes he gets too carried away though; if he goes too far, his mom has to go get him and carry him back. But no matter what, he keeps his cool and stands tall, which is what makes him Ginty the Great.

Thanks Cat!

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